Creating a Hike For Garmin GPS


Creating a hike and sending it to your Garmin GPS is easy. Here are the step-by-step instructions. 39238

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  1. Does it work for forerunner 230?

  2. Wow this is fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing this very valuable information, very much appreciated.

  3. Coach I've got the fortrex 401, a ruck sack, some boots and a laptop…now what? What websites do I need to build and scout routes and trails?

  4. would a foretrex 401 or 601 be able to take these gpx file maps?

  5. Awesome video! I used it to download several maps, for free, without a hitch yet. Excellent!

  6. Very clear and helpful video. Thanks a lot!

  7. Good tip on GPS visualizer. Another great way to easily create a GPX track file, along with waypoints if you like, is with Caltopo. You can draw freehand or snap to the trail. One click downloads for both GPX and KML files. Choose anyone or combinations of dozens of map base layers.

  8. I hope the weekend Whitney hiker does not try to follow the trail that you picked, that's the mountaineers route, with moderate technical climbing required. The main walk up trail goes to the south of that, FYI. Still a good way to show how to make a GPX file, I just didn't want anyone to think this was the normal route, try to use it, and get in over their head.

  9. Great video, I am going to give it a go next weekend.

  10. how much garmin charge you for map?

  11. how can you create one for the appalachian trail?

  12. Thanks for the great video… Bought a Garmin Foretrex 401 and your info helped me create and load a gpx file.

  13. Excellent video! I've been waiting for a simple video to explain how to do custom routes and get them to my GPS.

  14. Excellent thanks, love the simplicity. Am trying to decide between GF3 or G Epix or the new Casio Wp coming out in March April..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!

  15. Thank you! This was super useful

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