Boardworks Great Bear Touring Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) – 14′ – #getoutdoors

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The great Bear is the ultimate touring and Expedition board, created for long- or middle-distance paddles in calm or open water conditions. Designed to work equally well in flat water or cut through heavy chop and wind, The revolutionary bow and hull shape creates glide and tracking that performs better Than any board in this category. At 29” wide the great Bear creates a fast yet stable platform giving you confidence under load and keeping you from tiring on those longer expeditions. The great Bear is truly the ultimate touring board for exploring your local waterways. With stability, speed and the space to carry as much gear as needed, The great Bear will take you anywhere you want to go.Perfect for anyone who wants to explore longer distances and see more, The great Bear makes covering the distance Easy
This touring SUP is designed to maximize distance per stroke and track straight.
Works equally well in calm lakes and bays as well as rougher ocean surf and waves
Integrated lifts up handle for easy carry and locking ability
4 front and 4 rear tie downs with crossing bungee included handles the largest of dry bags and offers best in class storage

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