Black Star Canyon Hike to Black Star Falls


The Black Star Canyon hike is a local favorite for a reason. The hike follows Black Star Creek to Black Star Canyon Falls, and there’s even a haunted history to ponder as you hike through this… 17651

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  1. Do you need to register for this hike or can you go at it without?

  2. Us locals as teenagers used to frequent the place back in the 1970's. I once strapped a pony keg to my back to party out at the falls. My daughter Crystal Amber made this hike absolutely unaided when she was 11 years old . . . she's a force to be reckoned with!

  3. I love smoking blunts in the rain there.

  4. my favorite place to hike in Orange County and LA County
    The distance, the workout, the parking, the river, The falls … highly recommended!!!
    @ thanks for sharing your video

  5. tried this yesterday, great hike. if you're thinking about bringing your dog and you've never been here, i would come here without your dog first to see if it will be doable. i was able to complete it with my dachshund but needed to carry him up rocks several times. going to try bedfords peak next week.

  6. ever go to beek's place been there twice  real easy once you get to the miraposa reserve   flat

  7. Cool scenery! I've got some catching up to do watching your videos…

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