• Hey Jay! Hope your doing well! I think it was important that you said what you said in the beginning about making your own opinions and learning for yourself. Each individual is an individual and everything that works for you might not necessarily work for them so it’s important that people know that this is all based on your opinion and what has worked for you! Have you tried adjusting your back straps to raise or lower the pack so it sits in a different area? I know sometimes that can be fixed with raising or lowering the pack how it sits on your body. You need to build up some back and butt calluses 😂

  • What has been your favorite gear this year? What has let you down?

  • Interesting subject. I expected a rundown on how NEW gear from 2020 worked out. My experience with fabrics against skin, whether in backpacks or what, was that salts built up over time and when I began to perspire again the next year or whenever, irritation set in. Bags need washing. Just like sleeping bags do. So…you might wash the Osprey and see if that helps. I have had my issues with nylon strapping…mostly related to stretching and twisting. Finding 'the right strapping' for my Amok hammock/tarp system has been a struggle. I use a heavy duty natural rubber product from Harriscos…an Oregon company. But I get close enough by vehicle for a short walk-in to the sites I use these days.

  • Favorite: Sunyear Chair. at 32 OZ it's my luxury item, but I do like being able to sit down and relax. and also have something to put my pack up on under my rain fly.
    Least Favorite: My Petzl Tikka Plus head lamp. I've had this headlamp since around 2000, and it owes me nothing however I noticed coming down Allen that I could barely see any more. That was with fresh batteries.

  • I'm going to have to try these boots! I have always loved Keens because of the size of their toe box, however I feel like the last pair of Keens I had was having quality issues from day one. This sounds like just the ticket!!

  • Favorite piece of gear this year is the nemo fillo luxury … actually feels like a real pillow … but overall my favorite gear related thing of 2020 is just carrying less gear and dialing what I need/use/have fun with … the soles of my feet have had a much better time

  • Love the new set-up Jay and thanks for sharing your opinions on your gear. I'll be looking to getting a hammock set-up for 2021 and am going between the HG like yours or the ENO. What size bear bag was that and how do you carry with you on your trips? do you keep it in your bag or attach it to the outside?

  • So excited for this video. I really look forward to your videos because I find them much more relevant because you & the guys hike where I hike.

  • For day hiking only, I’ve been living my Osprey 32L. I actually won Darwin’s Thanksgiving UL gear give-away and am looking forward to trying the new (to me) items.

  • Great job, sorry to hear about the Klymit Static V and Osprey pack. I am totally going to have to upgrade my bear bag. Like that system. I’ll need to get an OC logo on it. Happy Holidays!

  • Most of my gear has served me well. Normally my gear purchases usually are strategically planned for four season camping.

    With that being said, I am the most happiest with my MSR Whisperlite International cook stove. CON: It has a little more weight than other cook stoves. PRO: It is more versatile with temperature and elevation variants.

    Although I have not had a failure in my gear like you had in your hammock straps. OMG, this scenario could have gone really bad ending in tragic results. I am happy that you walked away with no serious injuries.

    I do have a short story, but it is more of a planning issue WITH a semi LET DOWN story.
    The prelude is my daughter had a friend come along on one of our camping trips. Her friend showed up with inadequate cold weather gear, so I gave her my four season hammock setup. I always bring some backup gear in the event of catastrophic failure. One fall evening, the temperature dropped to 21 degrees. My backup hammock under-quilt is only rated for 40 degrees. I tried to deploy my insulated Klymit Hammock V sleeping pad (similar to the one you showed). This sleeping pad ended up becoming a complete disaster. I spent more time trying to keep it in place within the hammock than what it was worth. Just my two cents for those considering the Klymit Hammock V sleeping pad.

    Seeing you like HG, have you considered their cinch buckle tree straps? I have seen both pro's and con's for this product.

  • Great content as always table looks good a light stain will blend well with the brick background per our conversation earlier 😀 stay safe

  • Great gear insights, thanks for sharing.

  • Those one inch straps came packed with one of my hammock kits and I tossed them into a spares bin, never used them. I have a set of straps that I use with whatever hammock I pack. About a year ago I ordered two Helikon Tex products: (1) Swagman Roll, a multipurpose kit that serves as a sleeping bag, blanket, under blanket, a warm poncho and one other function and (2) the multicam poncho that when affixed with the Swagman Roll (like the military poncho and woobie) becomes a warm bedroll; it also doubles as a shelter, my favorite being the plowpoint. My favorite backpack is the Mystery Ranch Scree 32, excellent and comfortable backpack. I am mostly into bushcraft and overland camping. I will be ordering one of those Hilltop Gear food bags as Darwin on the Trail recommends it as well. I love my Merrell Moab 2 hiking shoes but I've heard so many positive comments on the Altra Lone shoes I will try them as I have wide feet.

  • I forgot two items in my previous comment: (1) Helinox camp chair and (2) my Thermarest foam pillow. I tried six or seven air pillows but never got a good restful sleep until finding the Thermarest.

  • do you put and insole in your altras if so what

  • I'm really enjoying my Gregory Zulu pack. All day comfort for hard hiking during Search and Rescue. I have the high top version of the Lone Peak 4, I wear them as my regular everyday shoes.

  • I have a similar Klymit pad. I've noticed that I have to blow it up super hard for it to be comfortable. It also sucks trying to get all of the air out of it so it will roll back up nice and tight. So, I stopped trying. If I use it, it gets folded up and packed against my back inside my pack. I bought a Thermarest Z fold to try out and it doesn't get any easier. Doesn't get any more comfy either🤣

    I'm not quite sure what my favorite gear is yet for hiking or camping. If I had to say something though, probably trekking poles. They really help my knees out. Even with them I need to break multiple peak efforts into multiple days to give my body a chance. Not fun.

  • You should try the Nemo tensor insulated wide. Is really comfortable.

  • My new favorite gear is an 8" NOLS fry-bake pan.

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