Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon – ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

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This is the Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon and here is my review of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1….
it’s not for everyone….

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  1. This tent is going into storage and will be brought back out later this fall.
    See ya soon Lynx tent!
    – Luke

  2. I have that tent and it is awesome for everything. I take it sand camping in the summer I sleep in the middle of the winter and it holds up amazing.

  3. I've had one; I called it the gossamer coffin. I was buried in it from 2017-2019 and everything you say is absolutely correct. It was the hottest tent I've ever had and about drove me mad in the hot days at up to 107. Good thing about that is I'd coffee-up and get out.

    I bought it for the second half of my cross country bicycling trip. It's lightweight, metal poles and a quick setup. The rainfly is not too good. Depending on the weather conditions and shade, it can work but at the tree like, on rocks with no shade, horrible.

  4. Looks like a clone of the US Army individual shelter, which is also fuggin hot.

  5. Just another great review by TheOutdoorGearReview. Thanks a lot

  6. Come here! you will freeze even on hottest summer night…

  7. It is too narrow for me, I got the 2 person tent and it's just an extra pound. I like it.

  8. Take the rain fly off and add a tarp to get better airflow…I'm in Florida btw

  9. Ahahahahaha broad shoulders AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA maybe broad imagination ahahahahaAHAHAHAHA

  10. Ventilation is not all about the amount of mesh in the inner tent. My Eureka Wabakimi 2 has even less mesh than this one, but the ventilation is excellent and I've never felt it was too warm.
    Eureka were smart enough to come up with the Hi-Lo Ventilation system, which basically takes into account the behaviour of hot vs. cold air. Thus, the hot air escapes through the high vent and the cold air is let in through the low vent, creating a good flow that "moves" the entire air volume inside the tent.
    If all vents of a tent are placed in high position (both the mesh panels of the inner tent and the ventilation opening in the flysheet), there will not be enough flow, the wind will practically travel through the top of your tent only engaging a small amount of the air inside.

  11. I'm in OR, so even in the summer it gets cool at night. Even in so Cal, it gets cool at night. There isn't a lot of humidity on the west coast.

  12. I have avoided this brand ever since one of their bags broke on me during a backpacking trip. The seams came completely undone even though I was carrying less than the max weight. I had to paracored what was left and hike out of the desert with a lopsided broken pack. Killed my whole backpacking trip. Would never buy another one of their products again.

  13. Got an old Golite Hex 3 with mess free standing inner for summer .
    Spring ,autumn winter I use a fabulous German Vaude terratrio 2p
    Imho the perfect none winter 3 season is very hard to find

  14. I own one and totally agree with his assessment. Little warm, wind issues not that bad, overall I would re-purchase if lost.

  15. The word is 'height'. not 'heighth'.

  16. Luke have you ever used the older Eureka Backcountry 1 ?

  17. Would think be good for the pct?

  18. This is my #1 hiking tent

    I agree with everything you said. I will add that I have experienced some poor quality sewing on the nylon strap that attaches the fly clasp to the stake. I had to hand sew the nylon strap due to stitches coming out. No big deal in the end.

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  20. Great review. I recently upgraded to a marmot crane creek 2 UL, which is roomier and has tons of mesh, plus a great rainfly and vestibule system. It's cheap for a great tent, at about $150, and It weighs around 5.5lbs with a tiny groundsheet and all accessories and is perfect for one person for long-term comfort and good enough to house a buddy in a pinch when he forgets his tent poles like my hiking buddy likes to do. That said, I am interested in these decent, cheap one-man options as well.

  21. I was able to get the Koda 1 from ALPS Mountaineering just before it sold out; a steal at $50.00. It appears to be the exact same tent as this one? Great video!

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