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See Me Review And Cook With Hillbilly Camping Gear And Biji Barbi Cookware Here In The Links Below…
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  2. New innovation, fuel cream Used as a fuel for creating fire – charcoal. Easy to use. Suitable for hiking Go camping If wanting to raise funds, contact: [email protected]

    Reviews invention:

  3. When you want to bring your entire home in the outback…

  4. Hey my friend, I would like to plant the the seeds of friendship that will blossom in to the most pulchritudinous flower 🌸 ever known!

  5. Thank God I couldn't hear what the woman with the green tubs are saying because of the music because I might have bought those .

  6. lol 16:50 this dude has the jokes

  7. Very interested event. With gear who is really good and useful.
    And the shown prices in AUS $ looks OK for me.
    With a showing / presentation you can better choose, to buy it or not.

    A market is also an information, what is available for what conditions ?
    Not only for making money.

    I´m not in AUS. I am in sw-Germany, Europe.
    We have Camping fairs, but mostly there with Mobile Homes, RVs and Caravans selling.
    And the Camping Gear is mostly expensive.

    Farming Business has dropped down. So no need for farmer tools.
    The last farmer in our village quitted two years ago.
    48 years ago, every third house was a little farming.

  8. Hello diggers. We have a small air pump that is battery driven and can inflate & deflate our air pump is also a USB power back up. Please email Mick at [email protected] for a sample to do a review on.

  9. Please do a video course, your shitty "Vomit Vision" make me nauseous !!

  10. A friend who was about to camp for the first time asked us what she should bring. We made this. Enjoy! (And get our actual checklist for gear from the link in the video description.)

  11. Ground in the wilds is softer than the cement floor…:-)

  12. Oh mate sooo many cool ideas for my truck. Thanks for sharing 👍

  13. Food sealer guy is like the dellboy that comes to my local pub 😅

  14. THats one expensive pan… no thanks

  15. How is using something as designed a hack?

  16. Bunch of overpriced garbage.

  17. I wish these companies was here in the United States as I would be ordering come of the camping gear.

  18. Would love to have watched but this made me feel motion sick. Would love you do another and not b shy about taking a video so we can see

  19. Every thing looks good 😁

  20. Love the background music

  21. retarded music ??????????????????????????????

  22. Nice video, butikker hour voice is somewhat in the bakgrund, it is like You have no air power from your lungs when you speak.You sound like your mind is some other. place. The people on the stands talk normal, their voice have the right volume and sounds like they are Engadget, try it your self, thanks for the video.

  23. why do i find myself singing the power of love by frankie goes to hollywood while watching this?

  24. the music over her description is non productive.

  25. Amazingly satisfying video! Not too much, but just enough. Well done. I used to play tournament paintball and the best part was the trade show. See all the new wares! Want to travel Aussie now. Lol

  26. I liked the combo spatula / tongs. So many unique items.

  27. wow great things but super expensive and no real need for them to be priced so high.

  28. Love the guy who married his psychiatrist. What a laugh. He could sell snow to the Eskimo's. great stuff.

  29. Fantastic items. the ladder I have seen in the UK used by a council inspector and I was hugely impressed. The little vacuum and bags I would love to have. I am hoping I can find the vacuum big boxes here in the UK but if not will look for them soon as going for a visit to Australia. I loved everything in the video.

  30. Mate, I was at the camping and caravan expo here at Melbourne showgrounds and I was there for the whole day on a Friday and I swear, I saw so much more in your 26 min video than I did the whole day I was there. Thanks for taking the time to make this and post it on YT !!!!!!!

  31. open fire while sitting pit on wood chips…not smart.

  32. Hello from Bakersfield, California USA… Great Stuff!

  33. minute 12:10 what is this product? I went to the bos370 website and can not find it to buy. thanks for the video, good job

  34. That ladder in the beginning is utter trash!!! Twice the price and weight of any ladder of its size

  35. one of the best videos ever

  36. wow the handles flip in ooooo aaaahhhhh.

  37. Good Aussie products, great show round. Nice one mate.

  38. i love australiansp visiting from california god bless

  39. If you think that's cool check out this makeshift tree tent platform

  40. Niel, Thanks for the video. What was the crab pot looking thing? You spent some time filming it but I never saw what it did. Incase you don't know what a crab pot is, it looked like a net pryamid. Right around 14:16.

  41. Omg, I fell asleep halfway through the video. The monotone voice along with the lullaby music knocked me out. Unfortunate because I really wanted to see the items. Just couldn't stay awake.

  42. Oh man this American is SO JEALOUS we don't have half of this good stuff here!

  43. wot?!… no pans with folding handles?… 🙁

  44. I have no idea why but I enjoyed this video so much. I feel like I NEED at least 4 of the products featured now, lol. It's just a shame you can't find many of these items in American sporting goods stores =/.

  45. Those folding fry pans are great until you forget and try to toss a pancake.

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