Australian hikers encounter MASSIVE grizzly bear in Alberta forest

They were only about five minutes into their hike when this big guy cut them off.

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  1. What a cordial bear. I’d very much like to have the lad over for honey lemon tea and buttermilk biscuits some time.

  2. “I don’t wanna use my bear spray” then how about a .454 casull ?

  3. Bear don't like the australian accent xD

  4. First of all that bear spray wouldn't work second he was so close to you that he could get to you within seconds and he would eat you both you are lucky he decided to give you a wide berth but sometimes do bears like to sneak around and come up from behind. To put it simply if he wanted your dead you would be dead.

  5. Must be saying dumb ass human biatches

  6. The fact that the bear went around them people should think twice about hunting these animals. Yes they are wild and they attack but you need to ask why. Wouldn’t you attack someone or something that comes into your home to kill you or your family. Or cause havoc.

  7. Lucky we don't have bears in Australia only deadly snakes lol

  8. Never run. Always keep calm. Talk in slow monotone calming words, it gives the bear a vibe your not a threat and that you are going about your business. Slowly back away while keeping the bear in peripheral vision, never look directly at the bear.

  9. "Stay there berry " named him so fast

  10. Bear: I was gonna eat you until you shit and pissed yourself and ruined the meat.. just stay where you are so I can get the hell away from you.

  11. That grizzly must have just ate, lucky

  12. Canmore and neighboring Banff are notorious for Grizzly attacks. You have to be very careful in those parts. They have a healthy forest and healthy wildlife population there. One of the few places left on the planet where the ecosystem is still intact.

  13. That's the biggest, most beautiful bear I've ever seen!!! I respect and steer clear of them, but geez… I love them!!!

  14. It’s truly beautiful animals that are capable of ripping humans into a million pieces don’t attack for what we do to them, humans are fucking evil.

  15. I'm sure he could understand you!
    He wasn't hungry otherwise you would be a meat…..

  16. Fuck me that's a strange Aussie accent

  17. Canadian Bear… as expected.

  18. The safest thing to do is to walk up to it slowly and when you get close run straight at it swinging your arms all the while spiting at it..and all your problems will be over.

  19. That’s a South African accent… fucking idiots

  20. You did awesome you did exactly what you were supposed to do you talked the whole entire time you never turned your back on the bear congratulations awesome video

  21. Hahahaha…! Bear spray….

  22. That bear just left a McDonalds dumpster,,and was looking for a place to go crap

  23. Canadian bears don't attack, they want you to live a long full productive life.
    They only take name and address and send you a tax bill every year.

  24. Good thing that Griz spoke English. Bet that Bear Spray comment scared the shit out of it!

  25. Probably smelled the shit in your pants and lost his appetite

  26. Best thing to do is lay down, so the bear doesn't see you as a threat to itself, cubs or any food, as told by many experts.

  27. I find it funny how most animal encounter vids so many say its the animals backyard we are in….well what does that make us humans? Are we aliens visiting from another planet? It's our backyard too.

  28. South African!! and he's used to dealing with all those Racist Black, Mandela lovers over there…

  29. It's like the bear heard him saying ; Don't make me use the bear spray.

  30. Boy are they lucky…probably because these people talked to him like he was a pet

  31. For Australians they sound very South African.

  32. South African ….maybe spent a week in Perth….

  33. That guy is clearly from Texas!

  34. Oy, bearie, don't come closer mate, I don't want to have to piss meself mate!

  35. The guy's accent is South African or Rhodesian, not
    Australian. Either way, that bear has been around
    humans before and knows enough to skirt the group.
    Smart bear!

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