7" Portable Camping Multifunctional Knife, Axe, Hammer, Pliers Multitool review

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Multi-function tool,Canvas carrying bag,Integration design, convenient to use.
Material:2CR13 Stainless Steel +wood.
Function: Pliers/cross screwdriver/double-sided poking knife/saw /…


  1. As a true outdoor masochist I can't wait to get my hands on that axe.

  2. There’s no flat head screw driver it’s a 12 in 1 for a reason if you count how many tools are in 1 whole 1 you will find no flat head

  3. build a shelter with this, yes i know im 3 years late

  4. whoa! 25-30? I ordered mine a few days ago and it was 12 bucks. I wouldn't pay more than 15 for it.

  5. I guess I will feel good about it being $5 for the Sheffield 3 piece set at my local Walmart. Great video thanks for showing me what a great deal I got!

  6. Totally going to break my knuckles with that axe side, cant wait.

  7. Got my Aussie version of this today called the cockatool!

  8. I own this multi tool and i like it!

  9. very nice tolls
    how much ib india

  10. Wow. What a dishonest review. This thing is garbage. Total garbage. Even trying to spin this in a positive light to sell them makes you a bad person.

  11. Just got the multitool!!! Great video thanks for showing us properly!

  12. not the best tool for any one thing, but i could imagine it being a god send in a pinch.

  13. Tool look solid, but that sheath is garbage. Why wouldn't the manufacturer provide a decent sheath?

  14. so really you don't know how to split wood whit axe are everyone in America use knifes for split wood?

  15. It would be even better if it also had an LED flashlight.

  16. Got mine, years ago at WMT, for $10.00.  (Wouldn't have paid $20.00+ for it.)  Had to file-sharpen mine to make it work.  (not enough "swing" with it (it's certainly not an axe).  Great review.  Ty.

  17. Hola cuánto cuesta y donde la consigo

  18. rather pull on the branch and it breaks than using that axe …maybe sharpen it.

  19. mine was crap… steel way too soft… nothing came sharp and nothing holds any kind of edge when sharpened… the bale which holds the handles together bends real easy… the wood scales break easily… and finally, everything loosens up (knife, saw ect) and won't stay put in the handle… used for a month before i went back to a victorinox

  20. Multi Tools are for the Lazy!

  21. hmmm… Idea is good .. Very handy.. Nice and Compact, Good stuff. However not worth 30??

  22. Dude can you Gift me that kind of Equipment? I very love that to may job here in the Philippines😍

  23. I have this tool and I found it worth it's price

  24. You tube is very cool app for new inventions

  25. mine's got a jack..changing a tyre is not a problem when you got one like mine.

  26. What a piece of crap. Hilarious watching the bloke trying to chop a one inch thick stick with the hatchet. Best to just get a small number of proper tools instead.

  27. Seems like a bit of a gimmick, one of those “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of tools

  28. I've got a Multi-Tool like that, except its got metal plates on the outside instead of wood. It has the same tools yours has, but with a black protective coating. It's a Sierra version I got a Big 5 Sporting Goods Store. I also own a Leatherman Super Tool 300, & a Victorinox Huntsman, which I plan on replacing with a Victorinox Champ in the future, though the Huntsman will continue to have its place in my Multi Tool Box. My Hatchet/Hammer MT has its place in my camp pack, while my Leatherman has its place in my everyday carry pack along like my Victorinox Huntsman, which I also carry, as it has functional scissors that Leatherman lacks, and the Leatherman's can opener isn't as great as the Huntsman's.

  29. Asians…they have the power to make something look nice, but the gift to make it shitty

  30. Sorry but it Looks like junk.

  31. I got that as a present but I think it's only for decoration…

  32. Effective in cutting wood? What wood are you cutting? Popsicle sticks?

  33. I saw this thing on a market in Italie

  34. More expensive than a Leatherman? Are you joking?

  35. Sharpen the axe blade up. Use more as a knife than an axe. Far to small to chop.

  36. I cut my thumb on one of these

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