6 Tips BEFORE You Hike Mt Vesuvius – Naples/Pompeii, Italy | Travel Tips & Tricks | How 2 Travelers

You know Mount Vesuvius- the one that killed all the people in Pompeii? Well, you can hike it! Here are 6 things to know before you make the hike. BTW- did you know it’s still active?! ahhhhhh

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  1. i had qantas ear plugs the air was freezing most important the sticker the bus driver gives you put it in your pocket.. not stuck on your clothes.. if you lose it 10 euros CASH ONLY to get on a bus think about it ### scam

  2. I have just been in pompei Iwas told it was cold in volcano the roads are narrow going up so it has risks but still a legendary history to see..

  3. Nice tips! What do you use to edit your videos?

  4. Well you wanna be stupid I hope it explodes while u up there u know it's active

  5. Ummmm you said to wear warm clothes??? I hiked up Vesuvius the other day and it was bloody hot!!

  6. Another thing is how quiet it is. Very eeri. No birds, bugs, cars, or anything. Just wind.

  7. You had a much nicer day! It was raining on us! But it's okay, it was an amazing experience either way.

  8. I like those Lady Bug moles you have…..wink

  9. What an amazing view!! Andrea what was your favorite thing you saw?

  10. They're beautiful and hard Osimh

  11. I absolutely loved Pompeii I was there last April, never got the chance to climb the mountain though. I did the tour of the city and when we were doing the tour the guide made it very clear to us that there were a few brothels in the city. Then at the end of the tour of coarse there were full souvenir stands lined with penises, like big wooden ones with wings and key chains. I found it really strange but most of the souvenirs in Italy are.

  12. I've been there too, really good place to hike!

  13. Great tips. We've been to Italy a few times but we still haven't been to Pompeii or Mt. Vesuvius. How long is the hike up to the top? And congrats on your new show!! -Brian

  14. That shot at the top was absolutely breathtaking!

  15. And most importantly remember……..
    It's still active

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