4wd SupaCentre Double Swag Honest Review

My review on the 4wd supercentre Kings double swag. I have had this for 3 years now and I’m giving my honest opinion on the unit.

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  1. My partner and I just brought a kings double dulelxe swag.
    It is pretty easy to roll. Just start really tight and use ur knees to hold it down and as u go. Would highly recommend

  2. Would you say the same thing about the kings duluxe single. And is it similar to the big daddy duluxe.

  3. great Video mate and some great tips too.

  4. What rack cage do you have

  5. Try rolling it up by yourself and then try to put it in the bag they provide with the swag now.

  6. seems like advertisement but not a review. A proper review would need some explanation how it handles the rain. How it handles the moisture we're breathing out this test must be done when the temperature outside is below +10(I recently slept when it was +8 and it has been completely different experience). How long it takes to setup & pack. How it would behave the 2nd rainy night if after the first night if was not dried. My observation is that my tent on 2nd night collects more moisture we were breathing out just because the tent was wet(bad insulation)

  7. Great review. Well done!

  8. These swags are ok for occasional use hear and there. If you use them hard they fall apart and can’t stand up to it. Cheap Chines makes. Remember Tigers11 bad reviews well now is Kings for how much longer who knows

  9. Made in china junk.. Look at it this way ppl's.. Your paying $200 for big daddy meaning its being made for $50 or less.. the single is $89.. consider how much its being made for. Buy a top quality aussie made one.. Yea you may pay $300 more or so but your getting top quality australian made gear. The Swag is a australian icon so support the local companies like joly swagman, my swagman, AOS tracker..etc

  10. I have this swag. Liked the video. Great idea about using the bag as a floor mat, I'll definitely use this tip next time.

  11. Nice review bud, heard good stuff from these swags

  12. I'll give you an honest review, honestly mate you're a fuckhead

  13. What this bloke is saying is don't buy these shit swags unless your a pretend camper with a tight ass lol

  14. will this fit into a mazda 323?

  15. Reckon you could do an update on this like you did for the kings awning mate?

  16. Great review mate I just purchased one just now I paid $189 for mine man

  17. Thanks for the thorough review.  I think I will buy one now.

  18. sucks when you have the older black plastic non canvas bag… i still use it as a doormat but im gonna need to buy a Drifta Canvas swag bag

  19. Just wondering about rolling it back up into the bag, I've heard a lot of people complaining that you can't roll it back up? Is the an issue?

  20. yeah got 1 last week, great product

  21. I had a mate that bought one as a combo deal with the 4WD Action magazine………….2nd day of first trip away with it the zippers on the bag broke, the stitching on the buckle bits on the back split open and the bag failed generally. When he rang about getting it swapped ( as it was 3 weeks old from new ) they told him "get over it, it's only the bag, not the swag" however it is still something you've paid for and under ACCC law, the product should do the intended job for an expected period of time – not 3 weeks for $229 odd……

    So his mum rang them, being not so polite, and told them they were to replace it which they did immediately after her stern words with them. Not very good customer service. Any product can fail and I'm sure for every one fail, they probably have sold 100 that didn't fail, shit happens but it's how they address the faulty issues that will make their product stand out from the rest.

    Consumers just want to be treated with a little dignity and respect – that's all.

  22. We just purchased one today we do alot of camping and have a few tents but when its us without the kids this is perfect, we are heading to WA soon for a quick trip and this is perfect for our overnight stops pull up somewhere and set this up! cant wait till we get it.

  23. Excellent presentation and review, very helpful!

  24. Good review man. Thanks. I've read the reviews on the Supacentre website but wanted to find some independent reviews before making a purchase decision. I'm pretty impressed with all their gear, so I think I'll be buying a Double swag soon.

  25. Hey mate if u find the swag caves in on the side put 2 ropes on about 3rd clip up on both sides of the poles and it opens the swag up

  26. How hard is it to roll up by yourself?

  27. Great, honest review mate. Needs to be more of em! Well done.

  28. what about the zippers. mate… one bloke was telling Mr Buckaroonie that the zippers are breaking or failing on his new king deluxe

  29. Good video but the actual product is shite!
    When will people learn…..you get what you pay for!?

  30. Best thing I did to mine was grab a piece of electrical conduit 1050mm in length. Tape the ends with some thick gaffa tape to prevent damage. When you go to sleep, slip the conduit through one of the loops in the ceiling and twist it sideways. It holds the sides out and immensely improves room. Simple yet effective.

  31. Glad its lasted you 6 months, nice video. Unfortunately they have dropped the canvas bag, really disappointing. Also I find the sides droop in so far that you can barely fit two people in without scraping the walls. If they followed the shape of the ends it would be no problem.

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