zebra 14cm camping pot (review) possibly the best camp pot you can buy!

The zebra 14cm lunchbox is used by backpackers ,survivalists and woodcraft enthusiasts all over the world and has reached cult status! ive had a look around and I believe the quality of this product is second to none! durability, versatility and unrivalled quality has ensured this little pan…


  1. I collect military mess kits & top quality (field) cook pots. I would like to see a comparison between this, the Zebra billy 12 & the Snowpeak kettle No.1 I use the USGI issue canteen cup (with an aftermarket s/s Pathfinder lid). It is fantastic & nestles with the canteen & pouch. I have also used British Army issue mess tins which also ideal, both for capacity and storage of all your cooking gear. My advice is the mess tins are good fo heating food, but if you want to cook casseroles & such you need a pot. I also recommend that military's around the world say a person needs between 473ml (16oz) – 591ml (20oz) of food to feel satisfied. In choosing a pot consider this & allow for expansion & evaporation. However, in my experience a pot with 1137ml (1 imp. Qt) is perfect & comfortable to use in any situation. This is what the original WWI & drovers pots were. A perfect exaple of this is the classic tin Cecil & Co. Billy (1150ml). It is made in Australia. The design is timeless & its perfect & it is also ligh weight, but its made of tin. You can invert the lid, fill it with coals and bake in it. The wire bail is substantially thick & very sturdy. It is also dirt cheap! There is a review on YT of it. It remains the best pot I have ever used while hiking.

  2. Now that you've had the zebra lunch can for a while, how has it held up?

  3. Hopefully by now you will have come across the GSI stainless steel kettle with a good wide top opening.
    Happy camping.

  4. Thanks Mate, I think I may add it to my kit. Great Video.

  5. Love this pot, the MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot is also a good option 475ml – 1.6l

  6. Thanks, I loved all the details and the fact that you didn't rush through it. Cheers! Kat

  7. Zebra stuff is top notch.

  8. Cool name. I'm a dirtbike named desire.

  9. I have this as a lunchbox i didn't know its for camping lol

  10. thank you i will definitely buy it in the next hour on amazon

  11. Great – simple review. Thanks for taking your time out!

  12. I have one and it is great with one caveat. these lunch boxes only come in 2 sizes 12cm and 14cm. I have the 14cm but it becomes a little small if you try and cook for 2. if you want a bigger version you need to go for the Billy pot. cooking for one it is perfect

  13. Great review! I like it better than my MSR alpine pot. Thanks for sharing

  14. Great review! I am still a bit disappointed by the manufacturer wasting so much space with this pot – not taking into consideration that he could stuff some cups or some plates into the free space. Room in a ruck is always limited …

  15. Liked and subscribed mate! Great review, I'll definitely be getting one of these.

  16. Thank you so much for this review!!! From May-August 2018, lived homeless after a house fire. One of my most valued possessions was a MSRSeagull cook pot. I cooked every meal in it and boiled water to drink. It served me faithfully, which surprised me, because it felt somewhat flimsy. It stood up admirably. You pointed out the Zebra was built more solidly so the thing must be built like a tank! I was going to buy another Seagull- mine was stolen, but I would rather the Zebra! Thanks again!

  17. Does the handle ever get warm or boiling hot when cooking?

  18. Great review.

    Will be insert also fit into and work a 14cm Pathfinder Bush Pot?

    If used together will it work with the Zebra lid or the Pathfinder lid?

    Cheers in advance.

  19. I have a billy can Ima buy the pot now

  20. Wow, that looks like an excellent solution, and the quality looks almost Scandinavian, but at roughly one tenth the price of what it would be, had it been so.

  21. Good video thank you, only questions i have left are, what is the weight, and second imagine you want to check or eat your rice can you remove your chilli without losing your hands, its seems that the second layer is a bit difficult to remove when hot.

  22. the factory just right next to my place the price very cheap for this one.

  23. the factory just right next to my place the price very cheap for this one.

  24. The only thing I don't like about this pot is that the handle does not lock properly, so that makes it not good for pouring

  25. Wow! One item I have to try cooking in, when I purchase it of course lol!

  26. Very comprehensive and thoughtful review. Thanks.

  27. Good quality gear the zebra head pans. Great review this.

  28. Excellent review. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

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