What to Pack for a Motorcycle Adventure Trip – MotoGeo Review

Here at MotoGeo we are always embarking on a new motorcycle adventure.

After many adventures around the world, Jamie Robinson tells you the essentials that he takes with him when hitting the road.

Moto + Adventure = MotoGeo

Gear used:

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  1. Cycle Gear in the states has some great layer clothing at great prices.
    Bring a large can of Wet Ones and butt wipes along with TP.

  2. Air bags and sleeping bags, what’s the Difference?

  3. just a heads up rei donates millions to keep your bike out of the woods, they're selling you crap with one hand and stabbing you in the back with the other….

  4. Get a helmet with a sunscreen BUILT IN and carry a cleaning cloth in your jacket. East as that

  5. I too bought a summer weight bag. I too regretted it with every fiber of my frozen being…

  6. Thanks Jamie. Very useful. Keep up the great work.

  7. What about the adventure gear?!

  8. Been scouring youtube for ideas for my upcoming trip. Solid video and simple enough, thanks bud!

  9. Piss that tinted visor off out of it, a pair of sunglasses will work just as well and be useful around camp/town/not on bike.

  10. wonder how you pack everything on your sportie

  11. Hey, Jamie! When will we see the follow-on to:

    What to Pack for a Motorcycle Adventure Trip – MotoGeo Review
    Mar 12, 2015

    Hope it's soon! Thanks for all the vids!

  12. Awesome Video. I watched your video before doing my 12,000 km trip. It was very helpful. I made a video too for I did things a bit differently. Check it out if you want: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jk0Nlm_IYSA&t=659s

  13. Two years later, we're still waiting for the adventure gears video XD. It's the most clever way to push people to subscribe hahaha, well done !!

  14. Hi SuperVideo Thanks, what are there for possibilities Rei products to deliver to Germany. Greetings Marc

  15. I'm sorry, what to pack for a motorcycle adventure: v2 sponge?
    And no mention of a puncture repair kit??

  16. solid, id probably ditch the tent for a bivy to keep things even more compact but solid list. I hate seeing these bikes packed to the gills with bullshit. if you've ever been into backpacking you know what I'm talking about. I want all my gear in one soft case about the size of a small backpacking pack. with extra room for food.

  17. Dont need any if this shite to go on an adventure. with all this packed, you're going to be an elephant anyway. Say Hi to my granny when she overtakes you on her xr200 fully loaded. lol.

  18. how about a one man tent like ones that you can connect to your ride for weekend trips?

  19. The only thing I would add, is MREs. For two nights or less just super easy. Some rides take us by town. Stop in for a sandwich to go. Other then that, Right on. Lets ride..

  20. What about the adventure gear video?

  21. Buy a helmet with sunvisor built in 😉

  22. Sleeping mat, Poncho, and a woobie is all I need…

  23. How about a motorcycle first aid kit?

  24. i want to know how much did you have with you on the Ducati scrambler 🙂 im about to get one 🙂

  25. You never did the adventure gear video. Are you going to put that video out?

  26. hey Jamie what do you think is the most versatile and your favorite moto.

  27. what's the white adv bike at 1:32 and 1:52?

  28. pro tip: keep your spare visors in an old sock to prevent them from scratches.

  29. And make a deal with the Mrs to text some skin flix while on the road! I'll never forget when Ewan and Charlie on their long way around doco pulled out of their panniers a large steel hammer just to belt their tent pegs in with! Most good tents these days don't need tent pegs. Those guys suffered lol. It takes experience tho great vid 10/10..

  30. Great video. What's the bike?

  31. I can't find the follow up video. Was it ever made?

  32. I've found wearing a 'base layer', pants and separate long sleeve top works really well…get one made from 100% merino wool. The artificial or mix of synthetic fibre ones are cheaper but definitely not better! Thanks for posting another really useful video too…

  33. Really really nice review and like others have pointed out, keeping it simple. That is in the end what adventuring is about, the simple life, exploring without really knowing what to expect. Improv on the go.
    My own experience also tells me that one of the biggest tips is to cut down on gear amount. Multi tools that serve more than one purpose can really get you going for a long time while saving both space and weight. Clothing is also very overrated unless you expect to attend to gala parties every night 😀 If you can make food and drink, and have a nice and warm place to sleep, then you are basically good to go. Ofc with motorcycles being able to repair your bike is great if you do serious off-roading, but really, the basics are where it is at. Awesome vid, subscribed!

  34. Good gear, but I always take the tent out of the bag and fold it to fit whatever I'm putting it in. Works better that way for backpacking or motorcycling. Like you said, go to the camping store and let them help you.

  35. I thought most modern helmets had built in sun visor. Always thought it was a hazzle to stop and change visor.
    Good tips, much appreciated

  36. please visit indonesia 🙂 add list for next adventure

  37. Jamie, just one more thing….don't forget the Wet Wipes 🙂

  38. Good enough video but if you are watching it and you've learned anything from it, there's no way you're even allowed to take the bus without your mom.. so step away from the motorcycle sir!!

  39. What I like most about this video is the recommendations are kept to what is minimum needs. Other guys just recommend so much stuff and then they become a moving company with all the crap they carry.

  40. Bought a jetboil after seeing it here. Yep, its pretty damn awesome.

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