Wal-Mart Camping Gear Part 4 – Camping Gear TV Episode 93

In Part 4 of our Wal-Mart Camping Gear Experiment, we take a look at a chair and a couple of cost-effective lanterns. Also featured are a $1 knife and some matches. Coleman makes an appearance with their focus lantern, and a couple more Ozark Trail products peek their head. Check it out!!! …


  1. It's seven years later, is it too late to get in on the giveaway?

  2. you can get the same type chair at academy for 6 dollars

  3. Yeah those are exclllent chairs for $9 I had them for going on 4 years and firends and fam used them at the  beach most of the time and I live 20 miles from the beach. Best buy for me. 

  4. Ozark Trail makes quality products.
    They convinced me there's no reason to spend more than $30ish on any basic camping supplies.

  5. Hey! I'm Stephanie.I did -35 lbs last two weeks.Go to hddiet.gs#HRnX

  6. Is it to late to get the matches?

  7. I am a big dude. I bought the coleman max chairs i think they were rated for 400lbs. they have held up for 3 years so far.

  8. @CampingGearTV Since i think outside the box i use some lawn spots with solar cells and mushroom head lights with solar cells to recharge my batteries during the day

  9. I hate those freaking chairs! They are throw away crap and thats why I always see them left behind in camp sites and the wild. Trash! If you people like bring trash out camping please take it home with you when you leave! Pack it it pack it out!
    Great videos Guys! I just see to much trash left behind by campers.

  10. I agree about the LED camp light (its junk) i tryed it on poles for a camp light (not) so i hung it in the tent and that's the only place it seam to work good enough to have around and it does have a good glow on the roof of the tent so that's where im going to use it / and on the batteries for the big lantern i got rechargeable d's for my large flashlights so i can charge with a small solar charger of from the truck with my inverter and charger

  11. @CampingGearTV Yes i think the would show the diverseness of retailers.

  12. you should do a series like this but instead of walmart go to REI or another "sports" store showing the other side of things.

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