1. This is great, how can it have so few views?!

  2. What is that inflatable tool that you use for inflating your mattress quickly?

  3. really interesting the downny boots look great

  4. What down booties do you use

  5. Great video. I will definitely use these tips for camping as I'm sure you intended. I was trying to get good ideas just for warm winter gear for work wear and my down coat would get absolutely shredded in 5 minutes working but I should have looked up work wear. Lol Thanks for good advice for camping though, watching this was not in vain.

  6. U call that winter?
    Ha. You should try Finland

  7. In the Norwegian cold i prefer a tarp with a big fire next to me, optionally you can use a hammock with a quilt.
    And you can save money on your pad by using a foam pad (a good thick one) which is about 20-30 bucks and a heavy wool blanket to cover it.
    Everything comes down to your sleeping bag and it’s rating.
    Just mind if you’re using down bags make sure to stay dry!

  8. To all your snowing campers. We don't know anything about snow camping and I don't think that it can happen really soon to us. We have a very sunny country. You said your 5 important equipment's pieces are. I want to know that when you camping in the wilderness is it in camp sites or the wilderness. If it is in the campsites no problem, but what about some shelter when camping in the wilderness for number 1 and 2 for woman and no 2 for men? Seems like you can really freeze your buds off.

  9. Is the inner waterproof? You seem to be in the snow without rainfly?

  10. How could your tent feel like 0 degrees in -20 degree weather without a heat source? If you are considering yourself to be the heat source, my next question would relate to that in the heat you would breath out would cause an incredible amount of condensation inside your tent, such that without good ventilation (allowing the -20 air to flow through your tent), you would have walls completely covered by frost to the point you would think it was snowing inside your tent….

    My final question is whether this video and/or you are sponsored by Marmot?

  11. just got my down booties. life is so much better now

  12. These videos deserve so much more attention. Keep up the good work!

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