This is Real Bushcraft! – Three Nights – Bushcraft Overnight Adventure

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This is Three Nights, a Bushcraft Overnight Adventure. I hope that you all enjoy it.

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  1. as rifles go I have many but my Ruger mag. 10/22 takedown. in joy

  2. how about a camping trip with Susie in somewhere like Greenland or Alaska. in joy

  3. have you ever met Dave Canterbury or/and Shawn Kelly aka Corporal Kelly? and would you like to meet them. they both have you tube channels . in joy

  4. ever been in a backpack hot tub? here's how you do. dig a hole near a stream build 2 or 3 fires with rocks when the rocks are hot let some water into your hole then block off and put the hot rocks into the hole of water after about 5 or so minutes you have a backpack hot tub in joy

  5. after you boiled your water and you want to drink it soon you can take your bottle of boiled water put the cap back on and put in the water where got your water, just take it out about every 5 minutes clean off the cap and take off the cap and let it sit for about another 5 minutes then put the cap on put in the cold water again and in about 5 minutes more it should be cool enough to drink. in joy

  6. what about a tripod bed? in joy

  7. That is one of the worst shelter ideas I have seen. Open to animals and the elements. If it did rain, the water will run down the bank and pool in the sleeping area. Way to much open space.

  8. I've been sick recently in my niece has been making me chocolate and raspberry tea and it is quite good I've been enjoying that better than tasters nasty hazelnut

  9. As far as wrapping t-shirts or something around your feet and walking off and getting them all wet just like water and bad idea better to put it on a stick or just drag it along the grass because the cold water can actually give you cold make you sick you're down for a couple of days in the woods not moving not getting anything done so I don't recommend using t-shirts on your feet to collect water especially if you're not using your boots

  10. Three days straight. Lots of labor. No bathing. He must be stinky. 😁

  11. Great shelter ,however I would like a 3rd rafter on the roof ,would not like it all coming down on me ,otherwise great.

  12. I would have used the large boulder and the several fallen over it.

    Though your setup looks sound, but if rained even a moderate amount the wide trail your on is sloping down hill …the water will fun right threw your sleeping area.

  13. It's 2019 now, but I favor lean-to type shelters. In this video, I see a shelf to a support, and back to a tree. Build it as a lean-to, eleviate the need for windbreak from behind. Create the fire wind-break, and not have as much height to cover if it rains.
    In survival for water, a plastic sheet is good.. with a hole and pebble. Condensation can fill a cup fast. Excellent Video !

  14. My father grew up pretty much like you here in Louisiana! They were very poor and his father (my grandfather who unfortunately I never met) was a share cropper and they had a fire place in the living room which was the only heat they had, so in the winter they all huddled together and slept in the living room. The house was super old and they had big enough cracks in the floor that they could see the chickens underneath the house! Makes you appreciate things much more.


  16. Minimalist? Just a blanket and water…… Fire starter, lots of food. pot for heating water, rifle,2 knives, axe, fishing string, saw, water bottle, filter bottle,camera tripod,cell phone and how did you cut that big logt? Sorry to nit pik but the beginning led me to a different expectation.

  17. Why does almost every "bushcraft" shelter that you make always seem to be built on a well worn path, and every tent site seems to come well supplied with pre cut logs to sit on ? I expect that this comment will be deleted like most of the comments that have pointed out anything likewise.

  18. Haunted camping, and haunted story telling.

  19. Awesome video, Luke! I, personally would like to see more of this type of video every once in a while…Strength and Honor to you, brother…ATB  Von

  20. I like to thank you for the videos you make and i know it dose take some time to make the shelter but it ternd out nice and 22 Rifle you have and it's just like having work tools you got to keep it clean and just a little oil and that's really nice. Keep cool and PEACE my friend

  21. how would i improve on that?
    i have no idea.
    I would have died from exposure on the first night LOL

  22. That's a shame that axe is discontinued :(. Looks like a quality tool. I was going to buy one for my bushcrafting adventures. Man that stinks.

  23. I would of made the wall to block the wind one more foot higher.

  24. Hot rocks in the deserts of Utah . . . sooo freaking cold. Build a solid fire, load it with rocks until heated up. Bury it with sand and sleep on it. Except for burning to death or the scorpions, it was the warmest.

  25. Hahahahah, "good quality often costs money." Great observation! I would wager that poor quality costs money too and often times more… eventually.

  26. Just a thought. If you double up on your "Y" beams but kick them out like an "X" beam, the criss-crossed "Y's" will lock your ridge pole in place.

  27. U should do an overnight in the Arizona desert 🏜 in the summer

  28. You don't need earplugs with a .22

  29. I got a Savage .22 rifle that looked exactly like that for my 12th birthday… It was bolt action with the little magazine..

  30. Why not just bring a tarp?…had fun building the roof I guess.

  31. No disrespect to luke but you seem more like an animal lives matter kinda dude then a hunter. They're ment to be killed and hunted we're the predator they're the prey

  32. why would you show all the manufactured products but yet make some primitive shovel ?

  33. Great video! I subscribed gonna look for review on that hatchet I loved the that it packs like it does and still a good hatchet

  34. You need to learn how to wrap yourself in a blanket the correct way also you must have lost a ton of body heat from convection you should have dug out your sleeping space had the rocks in the fire then when ready to turn in take the rocks from the fire and place in the dug out area cover with the soil you removed and even if you lose your fire in the night the heat from the rocks keeps you warm throughout the night,just be sure you put a thick enough layer of earth over the rocks or your gonna scald ya ass 😂😂 👍🏻

  35. Nothing worse than monofilament if left behind the number of birds we come across tangled up and dead or dying because of idiots using it as cordage then leaving it behind, the shelter eventually collapses and or rots but the mono is left behind 👍🏻

  36. You yawn more than anyone I know

  37. Avoid the tv industry it will suck out your soul and laugh at your husk

  38. …it is better to take more time and to do it all right!….yes my point exactly all the time with everything, interesting enough that is how I have lost jobs before by this way of thinking! these days mostly everywhere nobody cares about things done right just as fast as you can, that is one of the reasons the world is upside down but what do I know!

  39. It looks like you build that thing right over a trail:) But nice work, nice videos, nice channel. You got me. Greets from Bavaria

  40. Luke, awesome knife i have had one for about 4 years now, no complaints at all only thing is make sure it is dry when put away.i had to stone and oil the whole thing to get rid of minor surface rust the next time i got it out. oops

  41. I've watched lots of your videos in the last week. This is now my favorite channel!

  42. My dad has a similar story but it is Pepsi rather than brick

  43. Aren't you worried about snakes?

  44. Luke, in hindsight after finding the floor to be cold. When you dug the bed area, you could have dug a pit, lit a fire in it and buried the bed of embers with the soil you removed and slept on top of that. Remember, we are all wise in retrospect!

  45. Luke, your awesome!! Love your show. Its not just the content, your soul brings good feelings to everything. Thanks.

  46. after you finish eating from the bag, can you burn it, or do you carry it out.

  47. 18:40 trigger warning….wut? You're way too thoughtfull! I'm highly sensitive for smacking noices….this wasn't anything close (if that was what you were warning about!)!

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