The TRUTH about ROOF-TOP TENT Camping – (watch before you buy, pros and cons) Tacoma Overland

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Rooftop tent camping is cool. Roof Top Tents are fun. Roof-top tents automatically turn you into a professional…


  1. Some of the most innovative tents out there now – (the current tents I've been using since this video)

  2. Another big disadvantage is that if you are using it for casual camping and want to go to a shop or do touristy things that require travelling, instead of just closing your tent and putting everything inside, you have to literally pack up everything in order to even go to the shop for some meat or bread or whatever(for those of us who are poor planners or camp for long periods)…

  3. Could you maybe make a video about living in Colorado? Your experience and explain your lifestyle and encounters being non white in Colorado?

  4. I'll just save you guys the 19 minutes. They're dumb

  5. Very informative! You should do one on roof top tents vs truck campers. I’ve done two different cabovers over about 2 years full time and so I’ve been interested about these tents.

  6. I have a taco but my camping vehicle is my bronco. Rooftop tent would make it too high. If I get it for my truck then my bronco is useless. And also truck bed would be more useless. Idk what to do

  7. Yeah Nah
    I’ve done enough outback travels in Australia to know that sometimes you have to get out of a campsite real quick. And a roof topper would have to hold you up. Good to use in nice safe parks ,, as long as you’re done looking around for the day I guess.

  8. curious, how do your dogs get up into the tent?

  9. Cant put a canoe on the roof with a roof top tent

  10. Would add for everybody's benefit that the vid makes NO MENTION of the big picture CONS. For instance WEATHER for 6 to 8 months of the year make pop ups a mostly LAME option. I ski and snowboard. A tent is COLD, NOISY in WIND and RAIN. You just wont believe how LOUD it can be as RAIN and SLUSH hit your tent, and the fabric FLAPS around. Can mitigate with MANDATORY use of earplugs.
    A Travel Lite hard side camper with a Mini Cubic wood stove means little house and bed are already set up. In winter, days are short, nights are long. You often "end up where you end up" and can pull over or skin back out of the woods right to your house, Being able to hang out in comfort, and roll out of bed to fire up coffee is key. Doesn't really mention buggy conditions, Canada, ALASKA, and much of the US come to mind, so you may want to bring a stand up bug tent, so youre not tortured by bugs.
    I am in a 2015 Ford F150 with a V6 twin turbo. Pros would be about 5 mpg better on the highway at 23 ish MPG. Nicer ride and interior. Have ridden in a Tacoma. Seating position had me sitting on the floor and very reclined, with limited visibility over the flat hood. Cant stress how much nicer the Ford is to cruise in. And I can entertain company much nicer in the camper. Oh and I have option to edit vids and watch TV or listen to quality audio in a COZY space? Been up some really shitty old ranch roads here in Idaho. Same speed over rock cobbles in any truck….
    Cons? Truck is not as agile with all the weight, so truck is limited in where I can take it. HOWEVER that is what the Honda CFR450 or snowmobile are for. Which go WAY more places, further, and faster than ANY truck goes, and is MORE TIME SPENT OUT OF BOXES. So I consider it a PRO…
    Also, I dont look as cool driving to the store. And my set up is more expensive than an OLDER Tacoma with a tent. Cost IS on par with a NEW Toyota set up tho……
    So yeah, for a compact set up, or desert camping in nice weather, pop ups make sense….Just consider your options CAREFULLY. WEATHER is a KEY element here.

  11. I gotta think a roof top would be colder and more exposed to wind and weather.

  12. Nice video. I’m considering getting one and this has been informative.

  13. I have a Diamondback bed cover, Can I get your updated mounting information? Thanks.

  14. I believe that your cons part is in fact just fact and not bad point! ppl seams retard some time when I watch video from top tente ( not you ) they start saying that they have so many bad points like when you move with your care you lose your camp spot but the logik in this its to constantly move so! whatever great video you truck set up look super cool keeps it up thx again !

  15. Ya definitely made me decide to not go with a roof top tent. Think I'll stick with my original plan of converting my van into a camper. 4×4 96 mazda mpv has a good 4wd system, decent power/mileage and lots of room inside once all seats are out to make the bed area and storage.

  16. Hmmmm just not strong enough to carry 2 Golden Retrievers up a ladder. Roof tops are out unfortunately

  17. Was t lookin at your ass till your caption told me too.

  18. Just get a canopy. Zero setup. Can mount a roof rack on it to carry kayaks, bikes, rocket box, whatever. Offroading isn't an issue. lower cost than the rooftop tent. Easy to climb into the back of a truck. Just don't get the mini-sized truck bed. If you're getting a truck, get one with a 6' bed.

  19. Great and informative video!

  20. Not roof top tent, it's a bed top tent Lol

  21. He looks like charles boyle

  22. I would rather use the top of my vehicle for storage and sleep in the back of a truck bed with a canopy or a wagon or SUV.

  23. Great pros and cons thanks for that!

  24. 25 yo says he has decades of experience

  25. I like rooftop tents. The biggest negative I can think of, however, is in an emergency situation. You can't just drive away without folding it back up again.

  26. Well done video… thank you!

  27. Yawn, another Bonnie's best buys report. The person / reporter in front of camera, did not bother to set up the roof top tent in the full and proper manner. What happened to showing how the steel stay rods fit into the base, apply to the tropical cover and windows. Your reporting to novices, please and respectfully do a proper report, so that interested parties can learn and be educated accordingly
    Perhaps this youngster should wild camp a bit more. Kinda this. Kinda that. Kinda can't speak English. Your kinda not getting the point in my view

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