The Mountain Hardwear Hunker 1- First Look – The Outdoor Gear Review

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Today we are taking a first look at the Mountain Hardwear Hunker 1 Assault Tent. The review will be in the future after testing.

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  1. I want one , been looking for a 4 season tent for backpacking. That don’t have bright colors, camouflage is what I want. But that will due

  2. Steve should " hunker down " in one of these.

  3. Thank you for a good showing. I own the MH Sprite 1 or 2, don't recall, but what I do remember is their lousy customer service. I, too, reached out numerous times for questions and never received a response. That alone is reason for me to reconsider buying anything else from them again. This is an interesting looking tent, though.

  4. Megniffecend little statue.s. which fit Guudh insite t.h.e. Tent thuu. Thankyou. WarmVegan Divine Ceh. S.V.,
    +351 920570573.

  5. Great review. Nice looking tent. Two connect together.

  6. When are they going to make this tent again or at least sell the design for it 🙁

  7. Wow your so young in this vlog lol, better to hit the weights again cause Susy looks 10 plus years younger than you !

  8. You paid 400+ $ for that brown grocery bag?!? Man did you get ripped off!! Incidentally I have some ocean view property in Kansas that I'm looking to unload, due to personal financial situation's. So I'm just curious if you shelled out the $ because it's made for "Navy seals"?? What a dufus but hey on the bright side you have all those nifty tent stakes, lol good luck with life in general "dude"! I have a distinct feeling that you are going to need a lot of it!!

  9. How about a flash light?

  10. I am in total love of this tent, but $480.00, forget it! You can do the same for under $200.00

  11. Feature wise, I was unimpressed. The MSR Hubba NX single person tent (while a backpacking tent) has many features which makes it much better of a value. Do a review on it 🙂

  12. What's the weight and length? YouTube reviewers suck. They all just want to hear and see themselves on camera. You gave zero helpful information. Just a bunch of talking about obvious shit we can see in the video…

  13. This 10 Falls Way short of today's technology for one thing the price is too high for what it is it doesn't shed well that's obvious by looking at it secondly the pools go into sleeves that's no good in a quick emergency to bug out or if you're trying to set up in the rain you went clips that clip onto the pole not trying to shove it through wet sleeves also the fact that there's no mesh on the window who on earth made up this tent have they ever been camping before I do like the idea of the awning being the size that it is so that you can actually cook underneath of it a lot of tense or very short when it comes to their vegetables most of the other items not too thrilled about not sure what the wait was Luke didn't comment on the way I think that's something he could do though is give actual weights with a digital scale versus advertised weights

  14. This looks just like the Sierra Designs Mach 1 that they made years ago! And it was like $200 with a full vestibule.

  15. I made it to where he said $480

  16. Im starting to reconsider all mountain hardware products…i just dont know what tobthink about them anymore…i have ben buying their product for years but seems like there better options oit there now0

  17. Seals dig a hole fill it with water and jump in,😉

  18. This tent is a masterpiece except the need for a mesh door at the back, but it was designed for soldiers not softie civvies. I am interested in tents that can go up on concrete and grass like this one. Another is the Recon 1, that is both can be moved about, lifted, when put together. Do you know any others like that you looked at? Beside the bivy bag types?

  19. No cuddling? But cuddling's the best part. 😀

  20. No mesh on the door? every bug in town is going to get in! $480! NO!!!

  21. So if I fart in that tent well it vanillate OK

  22. You have the same rug has me

  23. the top looks like pool…

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