Sleeping Bags and Blankets. My choices for Wild Camping, Bushcraft, Hammock camping and Backpacking.

In this video, part one in a mini series on sleep systems, I will be going through the sleeping bags and blankets/quilts I currently use for year round camping, bushcraft, hammock camping, canoe tripping and backpacking. I have owned and used a lot of sleeping bags over the years, some great…


  1. American living in Yorkshire. Love your videos. Stay true my friend.

  2. Just subscribed to the Channel Simon I'm really enjoying the vids thank you

  3. Great video Simon, I used to have a old West German army surplus bag when I was a kid. It had sleeves and you could unzip the leg section and buckle it up so you could walk around in it. It wasn't very warm though, I remember freezing my a… off in Cornwall for several nights in it. Thankfully, I now have a Mountain Hardwear Lamina Z Flame, which has always kept me warm up to now. Atb

  4. What are the specs on the top quilt from ginger? The weight and such I mean. I don't have instagram to contact the guy.

  5. the zip on my lamina 0 jams all the time its rubbish compared to my atlas 750

  6. Great video Simon. Great info. Very well done sir.

  7. More bags than Peter Stringfellow…. 🙂

  8. Yasss, Simon, thank you for these videos 🙂 Please keep doing all these things! If you would ever like to check out some new gear, look out for Czech brands, like HUSKY (various outdoor gears) or PRIMA (sleeping bags manufacturer). No I don't work for them, I just like them 🙂 Czechs are known to be handy hobbyists and tend to make the best out of the worst (might have something to do with our history!). If you'd like some help on navigating Czech stuff, let me know, more than happy to help! Happy trips!

  9. Oh you clarified some questions I'd had. Underquilt, overquilt and so on. Good to know. Nicely organized from warm weather to cold, light to heavy, and so on. Thank you.

  10. What kind of music do you have here Ma'am? We have both kinds, Country and Western!

  11. Thanks for this I really enjoyed it. It's interesting to see what you UK guys use.

  12. cheap coleman flannel lined sleeping bag with a sea to summit liner,aus$100 all up,can sleep warm in snow and cool on aussie summer nights

  13. I've had a Lamina 20 for years rated to -6.5c and is warm for me down to just under 0c, in the warmer weather I unzip it so it works all year round. Laminas are really good bags.

  14. Hi Simon
    Nice little vid on the old bag..(lol)
    At least I'm not alone in the world of sleeping collection sums up to 6..
    Looking forward to your next installment ???

  15. Guys, gear and beer! Women get off on closets full of shoes and styles … guys on the other hand, and more practical, like multiples of stuff that interest them like sleeping bags, tents, stoves, etc. (I'm as guilty as the next, if not a bit more so) I too have tents for all seasons, and then some, and sleeping bags and other gear to match. On the subject of sleeping with blankets, get some "blanket pins," (oversized safety pin) a real aide when you are using blankets as bedding in the wild. The help you "form" the blankets around you, you can even create a double thickness seam on the open side to retain heat, keep your toes covered and warm and snug things around your head and shoulders. I have several Hudson Bay wool blankets that I use for car camping. Great gear and very colorful too.

  16. Very emotive subject but well done! not done any "hammock camping" yet, but when car/quad camping take a USMC 4 part bag and for summer walking use a EX-MOD jungle summer bag with a Snugpak insulated blanket 🙂

  17. So that's how under blankets work…i was wondering. Can you explain the shoulder baffles a bit more? I'm not sure what they do.

  18. Great video Simon. Thanks for sharing ????

  19. Good morning Simon. All you need is a Hookah, then you would be Simon the caterpillar in Wonderland! Thanks for the videos! ?

  20. Good video, how do u store your bags when not in use?

  21. Thanks for the vid.
    I use a Mountain Hardwear Lamina 20 and find it packs down really well in a regular size British army compression bag (no need to buy the large compression bag).
    It'd be nice if it was a centre-zipped bag as I often get myself wrapped up in it and then struggle to find the zip to release myself, but that's probably more because I'm a 50" chest and I haven't found a wider bag that packs as well as the Laminar 20.
    My Coleman Big Basin has the space (almost enough for two), but is simply too huge to take on motorcycle tours.

  22. superb collection S. like you say it'd be nice if those buffalo bags could go on a diet as they are amazing.. look forward to your bivvy bags..

  23. Great video Simon I enjoy seeing what other people use for there sleeping systems looking fwd to the next video already ??

  24. I’ve got the buffalo system, had it for about 30 years now and love it. Keep up the great work with the very informative videos.

  25. Hi mate thanks for sharing, but I do like the my DD JURA sleeping bag. Ady

  26. Simon, such amazing timing! I am buying a sleeping bag to go camping next week during the half term and need a winter one, but was baffled (and exhausted) by all the research done so far. I have now decided on the Mountain Hardware, thanks to you! So grateful. P.S. I love how relaxed you look every time you went to "sleep" showing each system haha.

  27. Great video Simon. Have you used the buffalo in a hammock. If so would you need an under quilt. I’ve just bought a special 6. Incredible warmth.

  28. thought you were going to nod off in the cab haha

  29. Well, I learned something from that – I never knew that Buffalo were a Sheffield based company. Good to see us Brits making something useful.

  30. Hi Simon my wife walked in while I was watching this and said ahh double zip to let farts out who would have known hey. Keep the vid's coming

  31. Another great vid Simon, thanks. What brand is that dry backpack ? atb

  32. When Simon mentioned the practicality of the green one with arm and leg zippers, i braced myself for a giant cucumber strolling through the woods ??

  33. We learned to camp with two blankets in Cub Scouts
    A double fold and blanket pins
    Who had a sleeping bag!

  34. Hello Simon. Are you ex military?

  35. Great! Looking forward to Part 2!!thnx for uploading!!?

  36. Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to the your bivi episode.

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