Reliance Hassock Portable Toilet Review

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  1. I did the same bag thing with my lugboo loo

  2. Have had one of these for many years. Used when camping. Also, ideal for use when storms take out the power and our well pump doesn't work. Periodically hurricanes and ice storms take out the power where I live. FWIW…. I use corncob based cat litter to cover the deposits. Sawdust and peatmoss are two other composting materials that work. Double trashbag for approved method to include with local garbage pickup guidelines.

  3. This product discriminates against the American man with Burger King Consumption Syndrome.
    The seat is small. I need to make an overt effort to tuck in the organ.

  4. Great video!! Thanks! 25 years ago my grandkids and I spent an entire Summer in campgrounds and we had a blast BUT, Yes, this hassock toilet would definitely have been an asset!(😉)

  5. Thanks Eric, just what I need for wilderness camping!

  6. Cool review I just got one off Amazon yesterday for my camping trip in may. It came in the mail today.

  7. I thought it was simple enough not to have too many issues but the seat pops off of the base when you sit on it

  8. Never been a fan of the cartridge/chemical toilets. Bucket, bag, cat litter…all you need. This little crapper seems like it can double as a small seat with the lid on.

  9. so if you had this in your van and it tipped over you would be hating life??

  10. Thanks for the review
    How's the width of the opening ? wide enough to wipe an average size booty comfortably or kinda tight ?
    How about a chubby person ?

  11. Do u think this would fit inside a 15×15×15 size ottoman?

  12. Im gonna get one for my studio apartment since i have a roomate lol

  13. Does the top screw on and sort of lock in place?

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