Real Bushcraft in a Winter Storm – The Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III

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This is the Bushcraft Overnight Adventure III.
Enjoy! More Adventures are coming soon!

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  1. 12:15 Les Stroud is THE MAN – the only real survival outdoor show!

  2. 4:07 Does anybody know what that is? So, what is it?

  3. Watching your Video while sitting with my Kids at the warm oven 😂😂👍👍

  4. That sleep system sucks for winter use. I’ve used it for years in the military. It’s garbage. The old bags were better

  5. i know this video is old i watch a lot of your vids. im curious about what packs will hold that sleep sysem i have that sytem and it takes up 90% of my b.o.b. and its a big bob. im looking for something i can put that in the bottom of. so the top can be a change of clothes if possible. can you get back to me if the Teton Sports Scout 3400 , 3800 or 4000 will fit that in the bottom?
    get back to me thanks

  6. Why do people set up a a camera than walk by it as if it is not their? We are not that stupid as someone who setup a camera than walk by it than go back and get it when they should get a steady mount for the camera and just walk with it or use a drone.

  7. Could not take the absurd ridiculous comic book over-dramatization bllsht IN BLACK AND WHITE. THIS PRODUCTION STINKS. I unsubscribed

  8. Rather see a deer being consumed by another animal(s) than being hit by a car.

  9. lovely video…very honest guy

  10. That deer looked cool, it looked happy

  11. You know, you gotta ditch the hot water bottle once it hits body temp. Beyond that it begins robbing your body's heat. Dog on the other hand maintains a toasty 101 throughout the night.

  12. On the contrary. I feel kinda bad for the coyotes. They'll go hungry a lot more than they'll land a bounty like that.

  13. Everything is awesome… Lol awesome. Seriously awesome. Could image how awesome it is.

  14. As good as The Revenant was, Hollywood did "play" with the real story. Hugh Glass did forgive Fitzpatrick and Bridger.

  15. he says it 22 do you see steam coming out of his mouth??

  16. Maybe you could have mentioned that fire smoke in a cave during the winter will wake the bats (if they are in that particular cave). Then they will look for food which isn't there, then they will starve and die.

  17. At 1643 it sounds like an evp?

  18. where can I get that jacket?

  19. Couldn't even wait 5m to talk about "the wall" 😒🙄

  20. True survival. Your out in the middle of bumfuck British Columbia no nothing but a tarp. No time it rolls on you in a minute.
    Get yourself rolled up in that tarp, watch mother nature getting mad and hope for the best.
    Why didn't you eat some of the dear. Fool. Free food.

  21. 有沒有中文的字幕

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