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Change the way you look at cooking and convenience with The Sabre 900ml Solo Cooking System. This ultra-light and portable cooking apparatus effortlessly lights the jet burner with the push of the piezo ignition button. Convenient, quick, compact, this personal stove is the perfect travel accessory for camping, hiking, backpacking, tailgating, road trips, RVing, boating, hunting. Even in emergencies such as power outages due to storms and hurricanes. The Sabre 900ml personal cooker works by simply attaching the pot accessory onto the burner then igniting it by using isobutane gas (obtained at any camping / outdoor store.) It’s safeguarded to prevent accidental spills with a tripod for the canister to improve overall stability and a neoprene sleeve for additional insulation and protection. This utility gas stove is wind-proof and can accommodate a variety of pot sizes. It will boil your favourite brew or cook your meal in a flash. All the cooking system pieces pack inside the pot. The tactical storage bag even has a shoulder strap for easy mobility. Included in your purchase of this versatile heating and cooking kit is:

✓ TPE Lid with Drinking Holes/Strainer Holes
✓ Stainless Steel Handles

✓ Silicone Covers

✓ Stove Burner
✓ Stainless Steel Stove Body

✓ Zinc Alloy Valve Body

✓ Piezo IgnitionYOUR NEWEST TRAVEL MUST-HAVE: The Solo Cooking System by Primal Ridge is so well optimized, every inch of this multipurpose cooking gear was designed for practicality and performance. This personal cooking stove is a convenient and effective means of heating and boiling fluids like coffee, soup, and water . Or, conversely, you can cook foods like chili, bacon, spaghetti, and grilled cheese while out in nature, camping, hiking or during a power outage .
LIGHT AND COMPACT : Fully set-up, the Primal Ridge lightweight camping stove is about 8″ tall and 13.5″ in diameter. All pieces can be dismantled and fit into the accompanying carry bag. The tactical travel bag is water-resistant, weather-resistant , and comes with a shoulder strap and loops to anchor the bag to your person or camping gear or backpack equipment . This portable burner set also comes with a nylon cinch bag for added protection.
EASY-TO-ASSEMBLE: With this individual cooking system, you receive a 900mL canister with folding, silicone handles and a lid with sipping holes for morning coffee or afternoon tea . The canister screws into the zinc alloy valve burner for direct, consolidated heat exposure and retention. To use with other pots and pans , replace the canister with the metal holder on the stove burner . Complete with a tripod stand and a neoprene sleeve , this full set takes seconds to set up and i
USES ISOBUTANE GAS WITH A PIEZO IGNITION: Our butane manual stove is the most convenient and simple means of fire when you don’t have an electric stove or electricity – making it ideal for backcountry retreats, cross-country road trips, skiing, hiking, fishing , and any other outdoor adventure. All you need to provide is the gas – we’ve got your covered for all your other meal and food preparation needs with this complete butane cooking equipment kit .
THE PRIMAL RIDGE PROMISE OF EXCELLENCE: This all-purpose, multifunctional cooking and heating set was meticulously planned to accommodate all your eating and drinking needs. User-friendly and easy to set-up, our mini camping stove can host a variety of cookware as well as convert into a portable coffee tumbler . Because this product is so well-made , we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee if you aren’t happy with it. Furthermore, it comes with a 1 year warranty on defects that aren

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