Outrageous Camping Gear You Must Own

We found some crazy cool camping gear. GMM#490!
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  1. “The buddy system” this episode set up their show buddy system haha

  2. This reminds me of how much I miss Forest Patrol

  3. Colton Medina, please, never relieve yourself in the dessert.

  4. It is NOT real camping if you use this

  5. I'm impressed at Link's knowledge of Star Wars nuances!

  6. One of the most coolest cat add-ons for your house

  7. “It’s a gunshot” “No it’s a firework, we shouldn’t be scared.”????

  8. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberinos! Ultimate Swiss Army Knife? Simpsons already did It! – South Park Kid ( it was either Tweek or Craig,)

  9. Hey junior have some chips

  10. Look at these cute little babies aw they’ve grown up so much :’)

  11. i have never had to worry about bears, but i have had my camp ransacked by a wombat (he tore through the tent to find food haha)

  12. Well looks like a container that is bear resistant is the best bet….and only bring bbq chips…..

  13. If he can’t stop them from texting and driving than he’s not a smart dog

  14. “Thanks for submitting this thing which will go in the place of honor the on top the filing cabinet of mythically man we’re really stretching this thing”-link

  15. I got a tent ad before this

    Best ad I’ve ever seen

  16. Link looks so much younger w this haircut!

  17. Whose hand was that on the left at 7:41

  18. “It looks like they’re at a Barney themed birthday party in the woods…” ??

  19. I thought I'd seen every episode, but I missed this one.  Oh. My. Goodness.  So funny.  🙂

  20. Anyone ever watch the old episodes, hear them promote something to win, then check links hair to see if it’s recent?

  21. I love Vacay Gone Cray-Cray! Makes me laugh so hard! ? Do they do this past season 6?

  22. "did you hear that?'
    "yeah it was a gunshot "
    "no it was a firework we shouldn't be scared "

  23. Oh so we aren't roasting Links lips?

  24. My best friend weighs twice as much as me. We might have to find a third buddy to go camping with.

  25. Rhett looks good with that brown wig though???

  26. "This is why she made the hole I think" XD that's amazing

  27. A dollar is 97 pence in English money I know cause I’m English.

  28. Anyone that gets mixed up between dessert and desert, remember, only one S grows in the desert.
    Don't know anyone that camps in a dessert.

  29. $500 for a tool that does nothing well

  30. Do some of these kind of episodes again

  31. It feels likes a couple years since I’ve heard the mail song

  32. Am I the only the one that realized that rhett said “talk about that” instead of “let’s talk about that”

  33. one time when we were camping my brother poked a small hole in the lighter fluid and i guess it had leaked all over the campground in the matter of seconds he had done it and my mom carried it all over the campsite to the grill and lit up the grill and the whole site had lit up it was scary but we put it out with no problem we were right by a lake


  35. I want the ninja turtle one- lol it’s green ??

  36. "yea….but look how much fun they're having"

  37. can we aprciate that link knew excatly what the 'buddy system' was?

  38. Never relieve yourself in desert

  39. Only £130 pounds???? THAT'S CHEAPER THAN A NORMAL TENT!!!!!

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