NEW – Gerber Bear Grylls Survival Saw – Review – Best Survival & Camping Saw? Let's See…

NEW REVIEW from … We’ll take a look at the NEW for 2012 – Gerber Bear Grylls Sliding Saw and talk about who this saw is for… and who should look for a different camping saw….

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  1. You want a pocket on the saw for holding the book? 🤷‍♂️

  2. It's a copy of the fiskars sliding carabiner saw

  3. Very good, Thank you very much

  4. I prefer the Fiskars version easy to push and pull.

  5. You're a bigger douche bag than bear grylls

  6. I'm all set with a Gerber otf saw

  7. Parabéns Good 👏👍👍

  8. love all the survival experts in the comment section blaming this product just because it has Bear Grylls on it. these nuts obviously never used a tool like this. just because of Bear Grylls these products just get hammered with the same shitstorm

  9. Good concept, but looks cheesy cutting wood, doesn't appear to work well!!

  10. Looks very much like fiskars original one.. but seems to be lacking a feature the original one has, when you have the blade retracted, it also extends out a belt clip. But I guess on this they made the holes so you can put a rope or something thru.

  11. I'm not a BG fan, but I bought this saw almost 5 years ago because I liked the slide out concept and I have used it extensively when out and about hiking and camping without fail. I don''t have a problem cross cutting, but you have to start with a draw cut about 1/3 of the way, then cut on both strokes very easily.

  12. aj em k crnih bi bio p kup 6 bi još kopito mb vukovi bi b vi li ponovotri recc fgenux dr fucikcfocčdl hopđ tf uz op FBC r

  13. you must get paid by gerber cause u know t this stuff is junk lol unless ur sawing twigs

  14. anything made by Fiskers is absolute garbage

  15. fiskars mora and bacho all Swedish.

  16. This is fake fiskars lol

  17. ive got a bug bag all gerber equipment good but crap for price

  18. once again over priced crap because it has the name bear grylls and gerber , i can buy a foldign tree saw which is better in quality and has more options for around 5-10 euro… this is just selling a tree saw under a diffrent name "survival saw" so it attracks the "survival" people,….

  19. I've purchased most of the Bear Grylls survival gear, and tested it for a couple years now, no real concerns with any of it… Gerber decided to produce a line of products with the outdoors in mind, and put a well known survivalist name on it, nothing more. Are they high dollar products, not at all, very affordable in fact. Can you blame Grylls for agreeing to it, of course not. Never get upset with a man making a living in today's world, just don't buy the products. I'm quite sure if Gerber contacted any of those haters with a multi million dollar product deal, everyone of you would sign on the dotted line… Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinion on this controversial topic, I appreciate it sir.

  20. Wouldn't a push/pull saw cut quicker?

  21. I love all the armchair experts here (half who lack the ability to spell) knives, saws, axes, its very much an individual thing. My hultafors heavy duty cuts just as well as a Mora. My Anglo Arms knife at under £10 cuts just as well as a knife costing £150. Pay for the piece of equipment you're happy to use, not for a name.

  22. Where im from thats a pruning saw, $5 at bunnings

  23. Outside of the fire tool, the rest of this line is Chinese made junk.  I'm surprised that Bear Grylls would even allow his name on it>

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