New Backpacking Gear For 2020

This is backpacking gear that I am switching out and changing for the 2020 season
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  1. Solid Gear choices! Think your dog stole the show at the end. God bless!

  2. Lol. R value of negative 5.

  3. Good info, thanks….have you checked out a Osprey Levity ? Kind of a hybrid between Osprey and Zpacks types….Thanks for all you do Mr Ramdino…..

  4. Your family was very good to you. Wow, 2.25 lbs saved for your next hike?.

  5. Awesome update ?, I use my Amok pad, very comfy 25" wide , as far as pillows I have 2 different ones a Lazy Bear and a Redcamp from Amazon either one are good.can't not have that comfort item.

  6. Have yu ever seen rattlers or a bear ?

  7. Great new gear for 2020!! Good stuff……..

  8. Ramdino, got a question for you.
    Would love to see you do a Q & A sometime. I think it may go over good with your viewers. With all you’re doing for the hiking community and your personal hiking I imagine there is potential for many Q’s.
    Just a thought.
    Where are you located again? Close to the AT?
    Take care

  9. DON'T FORGET THAT TOMORROW IS VALENTINES DAY. A mistake that many husbands make. Use a thin foam pad under your air mattress to insulate, prevent punctures and to give some comfort if the air escapes. Good gear but add a real poncho and woobie. Have your heard that using hot water to backflush the Sawyer works much better? Don't forget your permethrin. Good Luck, Rick

  10. Nothing like more stuff! 🙂

  11. Oh, heck! New gear for 2020!

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