NEW! 30 Second Survival Shelter – HACK – OPSEC Hunting / Camping / Bug Out Bag / EDC – BEST Poncho

Discover How to Set Up a Survival / Bug Out / Hunting Shelter in 30 Seconds Using the Survival Solutions OPSEC Camo Poncho.

Is the Survival Solutions OPSEC Poncho the Best Poncho for Bug Out Bags, Hunting, and Survival Kits?

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  1. It looks like you read an SAS survival handbook and took a trip to a military surplus store. Tacticool scrublord I think.

  2. hi can you make a savival axe adrian

  3. Really a poncho your just gouging people that should be a 30 dollar poncho can we say ripoff

  4. you so cool than james bond

  5. 30 second survival shelter… 4 minute video

  6. where did you learn everything you know about survival.
    were you a boy scout.
    do you take classes for kids.

  7. i love your videos for survival knives

  8. dont actually sleep like that on the ground, it sucks away heat…so…yeah…

  9. is that a real poncho or 1 of those sears ponchos…?

  10. So excited to get this for my birthday I am also so happy with my choice

  11. <3. Ultimate Survival ??????

  12. Hey David i was wondering if you could do a review on the Buck Reaper? Keep up your good videos! i was wonder if you could also post more videos?

  13. Jerven duken (translated as Wolverine cloth) from norway would be a better choice imo. You can also get them in thermal lining for winter use. You dont even have to set them up as a shelter, you can just snug in it right on the ground.

  14. I need a bugoutbag for a terrorist attack bombings in Israel I am 14 years old who knows how to use a bow and arrow

  15. I use the sea to summit poncho tarp, it's small, versatile and lightweight. love it. Thanks for the video.

  16. Have been a follower for a long time but the amount of intro and outro extras are making me lean to unsubscribe !:/

  17. Miltec from Germany? Greetings from Germany! ??????????

  18. thats a 80 dollar poncho damnnnn

  19. As always, a clear & concise video presentation, and after following the link mostly out of curiosity for the price, found it to be almost $70. I'll just pack a tarp along with my rain jacket

  20. Mil tec is a shitty concern i have their canteen cup its great but all the other products of them are bad quality. If you want a great poncho for little money, get the original "bundeswehr" (the german army) poncho for 11€ (I am german 🙂 )

  21. I.N.C.H Bag Video?! 😀
    (I'm Never Coming Home)

  22. Great poncho, versitile and still compact, thanks Dave for constantly having great and informative videos, and informing us about new products.


  24. Thanks for that video. I really enjoy your subject matter and no-nonsense approach. I still have my army poncho and I have fond memories of using it in all types of terrain and situations. The OPSEC poncho looks very impressive particularly its low weight and the that it has the robustness of nylon. But the non-cordage tag is not a selling point for me since the cordage I tied to my poncho corners was multi-purpose and always in demand. So if you could find a fallen tree for the OPSEC then my old poncho would have worked just as well.

    You might have added the ground sheet option. With the OPSEC weighing less than half that of the army issue, you could pack 2 of them and use one as a ground sheet.

  25. BTW I always loved your videos but have been trying to get them on Carbon TV with no avail ?

  26. hey David is the OPSEC Poncho which cost $76 any better then the Men's US Waterproof Ripstop Hooded Nylon Festival Poncho you have listed below on Amazon which cost $25? the cheaper one is almost the same weight as the higher cost one and is made out of RipStop nylon?

  27. You always do such a great job presenting gear in your videos. I wish I could buy it all.

  28. BY the way on your other knife videos you encouraged me to by the gerber prodigy. Im so excited. it is arriving tomorrow.

  29. I like your videos. they are great but I would appreciate it if you made them a little longer. Anyways great job and Im always looking forward to thursdays for your videos.

  30. just ordered a MT-122BK knife. Maybe you could do a review?

  31. Hey David I'm not sure if it's just me but your thumbnail for this video isn't showing up

  32. David have you checked out the Hazard 4 Poncho Villa?

  33. I love your channel I have bin subscribe to you for so long

  34. $499 for the back pack… WHAT!!!!

  35. that was cool ive never heard of it before. It would be cool if you review the White River Knife-backpacker knife:)

  36. absolutely great David. just what I need for my EDC. thanks. I'll acquire this item asap. Thanks again David.

  37. Survival GEAR HACKS are awesome …!! well played . Cheers 😉

  38. Hello your videos are awesome,you really inspire me.And can these ponchos go threw some though use?Oh and can you make a INCH bag Im Never Coming Home bag?Thx. -Mark

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