My Favorite Winter Camping Gear & Gear Philosophy

Thank you to my sponsor: STEGER MUKLUKS!
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From my boots to my hats to my coats, I get a TON of questions about my gear. In this video I take you through my favorite stuff for winter and tell you why I like it. ALSO, I get real with what…


  1. Don't travel in Indiana with wine or alcohol in your flask or you will be busted for driving with an open container. Indiana's open container law includes flasks or any unsealed or opened container with liquor in it.

  2. What is your go to brand of long underwear?

  3. A woman with a $600 dollar sleeping bag, instead of pointless $600 dollar city girl shoes, i get it, it makes sense! :0)

    To my failing I could of bought a better quality sleeping bag. Even here in AU, in the winter I have gotten cold.

  4. Great review. I like that you do the thrift store thing. Very wise. Cotton pants and wool pockets sewn on was a surprise.

  5. How long has it been since someone called you crazy? Not very long, I hope. Normal people scare me. I've been looking into some down clothing options lately, hope to make a score on end of season sales real soon. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work!

  6. I love your mukluks and was issued a pair of them along with the rest of our Winter gear. I could not wear the parka and the mukluks since I worked on B-52 aircraft at Minot AFB, North Dakota and off duty this gear came in handy. I have a good sleeping bag which I got from Amazon and it is nice and didn't cost me a fortune, and I also purchased a good mat to go with it.

    All of my gear will go inside my backpack except for my sleeping bag and sleeping pad which I have attached to the back of my pack. You have a nice selection of Winter gear and perfect for camping out on land only. The cotton is bad to wear in Winter environment, but certain things I have to wear which is cotton even though I know it is difficult to stay warm once you get wet in the snow, and ice.

  7. Didn't see any specs on the boots as far as calve size?

  8. I am CrossFit and have 19 in calves ???

  9. Hi …check out this product. What do you think of the concept of a folding elevated fire pit?.. I consider buying (or making) one, for my hammock camping… (with adding, spark guard mesh)…

  10. Much Love from Oklahoma, Brooke.

  11. If I shopped at one of your sponsors would I refer to you as A Girl In The Woods or Brooke Whipple? Nice video as usual.

  12. Are you carrying all that stuff in your backpack? How heavy is your bag when you go on a weekend trip? Thanks for sharing!

  13. Great Video! I got some of your recommendations through your store! You're the best! Want to get some of those boots; but I have wide calfs; I noticed that you folded them down I think; can they be folded down at the calf area? Thank you! ??

  14. Mukluks! Steiger ….. doesn’t get any better. Found out the hard way a million years ago in Alaska wearing bad boots, frost bite on my big toe. Ouch! Thanks to you dear Girl in the Woods, I was able to find these very same boots last year just in time for another cold winter in Bend, Oregon. Keep being real, were all really appreciating you….and Da Woof

  15. I’ve tried those mukluks on when I was up in Ely Mn…when I was at their store. Awesome boots that I will eventually purchase! Also check out Wintergreen Northern Wear in Ely. They make an incredible Anorak jacket! It’s also a must have!❤️❄️?


  17. Steger Mukluks suck! Overpriced non waterproof bed room slippers that fall apart in one season. Total garbage boot.

  18. Where did you get the camping collie?

  19. You sweat…you die…Les Stroud…

    You get wet and you freeze, you get fungal infections. Materials that breathe and yet shed water rock!? I unfortunately sweat like a Russian race horse. 100% wool is rugged and retains 80 % of its warmth holding ability when soaking wet. Believe it or not…a HEAVY wool CLOAK can come in real handy.

  20. Thank you soooooo much for this video. I'm going to buy my wife a nice pair of Mukluks. I was very excited about this video.
    I would like to see if Tentipi would let you do a product review of their fully loaded, all accessory, pro tents during the cold raining seasons. Check them out.

  21. They are beautiful boots!
    Feathers – "COME GET ME" lol!
    Great work on the hat. Wow that first aid kit is better than alot of the ones I've seen. Thats a cool strip light.
    I've never been out in the winter camping…but very intrigued by it

    Lol. Thanks now i have to make coffee!

  22. Love this Girl in the Woods!

  23. Thanks, I’ve Bc always loved your boots thank you.

  24. Snow deprived but I'll survive with a little help from my friend. Thank you for the snowy wood and joy!! ?⛄️?⛄️?

  25. Look up lixada stainless camping cook cup pot. It has folding handles AND a bail handle for hanging it over the fire.
    I LOVE mine for my day pack.

  26. I am sure Brooke you will master getting that glove cuff repaired and looking even cooler than original….. like with some type of fur or skin or something ?

  27. I love your native name. Four feathers.
    My brother named me when I was a kid, out hunting. He said I walked like a squirrel. So I took that as a name. Walks like squirrel.

  28. The military maggots are the best

  29. #1 concern is where you go to the bathroom. Not you personally, but anyone camping in the same way.

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