Motorcycle Tent – Lone Rider ADV Tent Review

The Lone Rider Tent is available here:

Use the discount code KINGA to get 10% off ALL Lone Rider gear.

This is my review of the Lone Rider ADV Tent. I’ve tested it in all sorts of conditions and for the…


  1. will u be coming to india kinga???

  2. Kinga what are you like giving us a taste of what living conditions are like for you on the routes you take , dressed still in muddy boots – come on you might have made the effort – hehehe!!!

  3. Where have you been? I missed your videos! Greetings from Oregon!

  4. How it holds off rain,

    And… Other local thugs

  5. 3:20 the goat : you couldn't script that. Hollywood would spend a fortune
    trying to recreate that scene.

  6. Obviously she couldn't say nothing excessively negative about the tent as it was given to her for free as a donation, that's how partiality is born 🙂

  7. I use a Slummit cub 2, flash frame, up in 20 seconds.

  8. 美女你好,我看视频,有一次你已经非常靠近中国了,,为什么没有进入中国境内呢?欢迎来中国旅行哦!!

  9. Hello kinga keep safe always…

  10. I also have one of those times. Like it very much. Where did you get the mattress 🙂 like that

  11. An excellent review of their new tent! Thanks Kinga!
    I don't know if you mentioned, does it have vents at the top on the rain fly, so there's no indoor rainstorms from condensation buildup? (if that makes sense)

    Also was cool to see you draw your route on the side of the tent 😀
    Selfishly looking forward to your visit to North America 😉

  12. Will you come to Algeria ?!

  13. What blow up mat do you use and how wide is it? Do you use a mummy bag or a quilt?

  14. Great helpful vid, I am looking at adventure type boots, ie ones I can ride and walk up hills ie round interesting sights on the way! Yours look good. Have you type manu of your boots?

  15. I am a huge fan of you and your travels.

  16. Quand une road runner en n'arrive plus qu'à présenter son matériel contre rémunération , tu te dis que c'est la fin de son voyage … Dommage aoprès ses milliers de kilomètres… Ca valait beaucoup plus ton road trip

  17. Hi Kinga from under down under in NZ. Hey love tents, good tents and this was another enjoyable viewing. I have some news to share, just bought another bike 2 days ago after two year hiatus. A nice DL650XT, sorry bmw. I'm lovin it so far. Say hi to Sudan from NZ

  18. Amazing review… Safe travels!

  19. : KINGA reminding me of LAGERTHA in VIKINGS. ❤&☮ ??

  20. Namaste…Just waiting when you will tour India…pls come…would be lovely to see our beautiful country in through your videos…Waiting to welcome you….

  21. Bueno…. Por lo visto al menos tenés pensado rodar por América… Saludos Kinga!!

  22. I totally love the stuff pockets for the door and rainfly. So easy. Enjoy Africa. Bye ☘️??

  23. GOOD (^o^)b KOREA PEACE WORLD PEACE (^-^)v

  24. It’s a good tent but I prefer my tent to have an external pole system with the fly being kept attached to the tent allowing it to be set up in the rain and still staying dry inside.. just my preference

  25. Hola .muy lindo video gracias por compartir tus experiencias. Argentina te esta esperando ¡¡¡

  26. I'll stick with me Hilleberg 😛

  27. You look a little tired…don't you eat well?

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