Motorcycle Camping Gear – What to Look For in a Tent (2018)

Everything you ever wanted to know about motorcycle camping tents and what to look for in them. Crash course on all the features and bells and whistles available to you to help narrow down the daunting task of finding the perfect tent for motorcycle camping. Choosing gear for motorcycle camping…


  1. Hey everyone shirts are available on Teespring if you want to help support this channel! The one I am wearing in this video is a prototype but there are lots of cool designs to choose from!

  2. This was a really informative episode. My experiences mirror your recommendations. Well done!

  3. Very helpful video, just rewatched. I'm looking for a smaller and lightweight one to take in my suitcase when flying. Thanks!!

  4. Well after watching this vlog I feel I need to comment. Standing room in a tent is invaluable. Having space for gear away from sleeping area is vital, alluminium poles are vital.
    I use a Vango tour 200 4 doors and a side storage area.

    This tent can be struck down with all inners intact if needed in rain.
    The redverse is s luxury but you do have a garrage standing room at low weight. The Vango tour 200 I used in a level 3 storm for 4 days with no leaks.

    No standing room tents are rubbish. Sorting gear changing clothes all in the dry invaluable.

    Rock proof pegs are invaluable yes heavier but no bends. The tour 200 less than £150.00 . #Getouthere #Realityvfrfi

  5. it is easy, I choose the cheapest I can fit in

  6. Good tens that also save on weight: Kelty, Big Agnes, Hyke & Byke, & Marmot Tents which are dome tents and in 1-4p sized tents.

  7. Is that a Kelty late start tent your using…… I live in Scottsdale myself…… Dang hot in this place…… and hot's only good if your'e with a lady …… I just got a bike and planning on taking off once in a while …….

  8. Great video.. So.. what's your best top recommendation for a tent

  9. I've been hiking for decades , but you never stop learning! .. With the bike on the road, fantastic tip from Forty times around…. pack poles on outside – stuff tent into any gap in the panniers! Thankyou! 🙂

  10. Or….. just use a hammock

  11. Great video and your experience echoes my own. Dont underestimate the value of a little extra room. Mine is a 2-3 person tent and I still sleep on the diagonal. Never seem to sort out what makes the best pillow. Be interested to see a video on sleeping mats I have a self inflating one which is great. Been watching As the Magpie Flies she can be hilarious.

  12. Hello Tim. Do you know about Swags?

  13. Hey check out the motorcycle bike tents at

  14. What a great informational video. I'm going to share this with our HOG chapter and to our local motorcycle riding group. Thank you for the links as well.

  15. “Update: I have now bent one of these stakes. They are still better than factory stakes.” 😂

    Being an adventure rider myself, I can totally relate with this. Too funny. Great videos, man. 👍🏼

  16. I know tents and you gave good advice. I always tell people to stake it anywhere you can so it doesn't blow away if a wind comes up. Sleepingbag and a pad will NOT hold it down. It turns into a big tumbleweed. I once had to catch a tent blowing across the desert dragging a good sized dog that had been tied to the tent. The people went on a hike and left the dog leash hooked to a stake ring. All the dog could do was stumble along after it. Don't think I could have caught up with it had the dog not been along. If not the tent and sleeping bags would have been thought to be stolen. The dog was tired and grateful.

  17. Great review Great info Thanks for sharing thumbs up & Subscribed /But I was hoping you would show the size of the tent

  18. I have one like the orange one. Had it for a very long time. Had it so long the waterproof coating is long gone. Time to retire that for backyard camping and get another tent

  19. very good , but have had problem with condensation , dripping down from the fly cover ?

  20. I tend to put my boots, jacket, gloves and riding pants pads in the drybag I stuff/compress my sleeping bag into. They can then live dry inside or outside the shelter AND creatures can't crawl inside and surprise you. The bag can double as a pillow.

  21. thanks for this video. Very useful.

  22. F tents, and sleeping pads and all that shiz. Sleep on the beach with babes and do dishes for food. Done deal amigo!

  23. I have a Redverz the wife and I love it. Not ridiculous. Unsubscribe

  24. Thanks for sharing this clear and relevant review. You spot the right criterias.
    Btw, what do you think about LONE RIDER MOTOTENT ?

  25. When you say you’ve scoured the internet for tents I believe you. Cause I seen your videos on this stuff 1st and have honest to god scoured the Internet now and your product reviews are always between the 1-2 models that I come to on my own. Often after forgetting which one you’ve reviewed, then finding my own and seeing after that it was the same ones you reviewed. It’s been this way now with Tents, Sleeping Pads and the Helinox chair. Maybe more.

  26. I'd like to add that the tarp should not extend past the floor of the tent. This will direct rain water between the tarp and the floor. If you fold it just under the edge of the floor, water can run off onto bare ground.

  27. Wal-Mart Ozark trail 2 person backpacking tent. Use scotch guard on it and seam sealer with a regular blue tarp as a ground sheet. Light, small, packable and budget friendly.

  28. Just look for the 'Wolf Camper Python' tent. In about 60 seconds your tent is ready!

  29. Hi
    Great video, thanks.
    I’m new to this and will be looking for a suitable tent soon.
    Your advice is a great help. However, there’s one think I’m not clear on…

    You suggested dome-shaped, free-standing tents to be best, but you didn’t mention the likelihood (if any) of this style blowing away in strong wind.

    Is this a possibility?
    Is there the option to tie it down for extra security/stability?


  30. Good video, helps me with picking a tent out for my trip up to alaska on my bike

  31. YKK does NOT mean that it won't snag. YKK is a brand. The best brand, but still just a brand

  32. I have had those aluminum 3 ridge tent Stakes bend on me, and if you try to straighten him out after too many bends they will break. Otherwise some very good advice. You have earned a subscriber

  33. Honest and sensible advice. Thank you 🙂

  34. Thanks much. Excellent explanation. And the perfect timing for me as I am currently looking for a tent for motorcycle trips.

  35. Can't find your book on Amazon

  36. Dang those are big boxes on that bike.

  37. What are you thoughts looking at the specs of the Lone Rider ADV Tent? Not the moto garage thing but new traditional style tent designed specifically for long term adventure riding. The extra $200 for something moto specific is keeping me on the fence.

  38. Thanks for the info. Good video !

  39. Can you please state the make of tent you show that you use in your video

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