1. Any video that a dog walks on automatic like!

  2. I got my sit at dollar store for 2$ i use it all that time for bicycle camping it kill my back
    I will check them an buy 1 i like that

  3. It's now 2019 and I've bought one on ebay for 13 quid. It's great.

  4. How did I miss this for 5 years?
    I first ran into helinox gear 4 years ago, nice but very spendy.
    Tried this seat at a rally, not to bad, not as comphy as I like, couldnt get out of the bastard without help or rolling onto the ground and then getting up. The joys of later middle age…
    I now have the helinox sunset chair and the hard top table, both compliment the other and I can get in and out of the chair unassisted (12 beer rally test included) and the table is sturdy as an eating platforn, drink repository or for the cheese and bikkies.
    My experience is Helinox Australia is the cheapest for these, ebay vendors were $100+ more expensive, buying from the states got killed by exchange rate, postage and added gst.
    Im jealous you can get in and out of the chair one, but this was 5 years ago, hows it going these days?

  5. Looks good But,,, my knees hurt lookin at how low it sits. Probly have to tumble out of it to stand. Whats the weight limit of it??

  6. Can you do a update review of these chairs with high backrest ?

  7. did you see the tennis ball nod for the Helinox chair? Stops it sinking into sand and soft ground

  8. Hey biker bits, love you reviews, keep them coming. Found a very similar chair…. At Aldi, $30…. Check when the do their camping sales. I'm 100kgs and it's worked for me. Cheers

  9. Helinox also makes a swivel chair that is just about the same size. I like both the chair and table and am going to order two of each. You never know when you might be going two up.

  10. Just a handy tip – just use the bag as a small storage place by putting it over the lower legs before putting the actual "seat" to the bottom leg mounts. Great place to keep it and not lose it due to winds. Store lightweight jacket, food snacks, etc.

  11. Haven’t heard anyone saying so much “bloody” in 11 min's …

  12. Great review, thanks much. Just ordered two chairs and a table. Leaving on a 1100 mile trip in a couple of weeks and they will no doubt come in handy !

  13. hey biker bits, i recently found that a company namend vango made a simelar table like the helinox, i was wondering if you could get your hands on one and give it a review to see if it is a real compeditor or just a cheap knock off from the helinox. the table is called: Vango pioneer table.

  14. I just looked up the price on that chair and thought it was a miss print!!!!! I don't see where that chair is worth $99.00 I don't care how light it is…. There's a place here in the U.S. here that sells them but their the same cost every where :0(

  15. Great review mate,good to see an Aussie review for a change.It was good that you reviewed the table as well as the chairs.The closeups at the end is good to to see the detail. Ripper job mate ,might see out there on the road somewhere☺

  16. Steve Erwin does bike comfort camping… PMSL
    Love the chair £70 though ouch

  17. bloody ripper..cheers mate i've been trying to find this chair everyone talks about being so small and compact, i'm off to the cape next year and i'm getting me one

  18. If they put telescoping legs on that chair ( like an adjustable walking cane) it could sit up higher without taking up any more room.

  19. Is that one of those wild killer dingos wandering around your patio? : )

  20. Howdy man!  Love all your videos – very helpful, informative and entertaining.

  21. Ripper chair idea. thanks for sharing Mark.

  22. This video was very helpful for me like 6 months ago when I decided to buy this for my trip in Norway. Thanks for the review!

  23. Haha.. thats tops mate

  24. Bought the chair. It's been from Alaska to Seattle. Awesome! What kind of dog do you have there?


  26. @bikerbits you need to review the Kermit chair!

  27. Thank you for the very good review! I'm gonna buy both! Greeting Erwin

  28. I have one of the helinox  chairs and have used it a bunch and absolutely love it.  1.8 lbs is hard to beat and it fits in a small saddle bag.  Just got back from a weekend trip to film a bit and it was great. Cheers- mike

  29. Cracking review. Love your style mate ! Cool presentation.

  30. like the table not sure that chair would hold me

  31. just bought the three leg stool

  32. Glad you put your feet up at the end.
    Grub, coffee, cigar, feet up!

  33. Good review Mark.  Have you ever tried a Kermit chair?  They are amazing, pack up small, made of teak, and are SOOO comfortable.  My buddies and I bought them for our bike trips to Laguna Seca and wouldn't go camping without them.  Check them out if you can, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised…..


  34. hi mark the 1st chair i feel is only good for fishing , 

  35. Man I can't wait to get me one of these, your videos are awesome, I am slowly getting into motorcycle camping and really wish there were more like you posting these videos. Thanks!

  36. Good to see you're back pumping out videos…Love it.
    By the way I have never come across those chairs either, so you're only the only one.  Thanks for sharing.

  37. Great vid and awesome to see youback… Been on the lookout everyday for your vids and watched most of your back catalogue now!  Keep up the great content!

  38. Are these different then the Big Agnes Chair One chairs? Those are also called Helinox and are available in quite a few places.

  39. Hey guy, glad to see you making videos after you hiatus. This is a good review. I have looked at this chair on eBay and thought it looked uncomfortable. Also, I could not get a good perspective on how it packed down in the photographs. I was leaning towards a Pico or a Larry Chair, same price range. After seeing you sit in this one and comparing it to the others as you did. I think I will get one of these and the table. Ride safe!

  40. Nice for roughing it in style.

  41. Good review. nice little set-up you have there now!

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