Moto-Camping: Riding Gear

I took a camping trip on my motorcycle for the first time. Over three videos I’m showing my riding gear, motorcycle & camping gear and then a brief story about the experience.

This video shows the riding gear I have and presents my reviews of it. I have had most of these items long enough…


  1. Hi Happy Labor Day 2019 hopper1.
    Nice no GREAT to see you again since you bought your new bike we thought you road off into the sunset or something.
    We do not ride since we never leave home well not often, wow 1906 nice church.
    The motorcycle gear and technology have come along ways since our Bultaco days, look at all the stuff you have to have to ride wow wee, always learning here "T".
    Cornwell Quality Tools.
    Lance & Patrick.

  2. Hey Tim.
    Good review of your riding gear.
    The best part is it,s gets you out riding your bike.
    Sounds like you are planing to do some serious touring.
    Looking forward to see the sights as you head out and about.
    Unfortunately i am not really a good camper, lol.
    I did do a fair amount when i was young.
    It started out in the backyard of my parents home when friends would sleep over.
    My version of camping now is going for long drives and staying in Motels, LOL.
    That,s the level of camping i have risen too ???
    Look forward to the next video.

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