LGR – The Sims 4 Outdoor Retreat Review

Gameplay and overview of the first content pack for The Sims 4, Outdoor Retreat. What is this? Is a Game Pack better than a Stuff Pack? Is it worth buying? Questions, answers, snark!

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  1. Omg what is the cc you used on the green haired girl???

  2. “If they removed stuff packs altogether that would be cool with me”

    Yeah, four years later and ralph is rolling in his grave. That comment has not aged well ?


  4. On console a change of place takes me to a loading screen for a full. Minute. It sucks

  5. These were much simpler times. I want to buy this pack…
    But only when it's on sale.
    It seems fun. Not like the magic one or all those stuff packs (and also the latest Expansion packs such as Island living, University and Get famous)

  6. I'm tempted on buying outdoor retreet. Is it worth it. Like in jungle adventure we had the culture skill and artifact skill as well as aspirations. Dose outdoor retreat have a aspiration? And skills? The tents and cooler are cool but what else dose it have..

  7. That The Best Of The Sims 4 Outdoor Ever!!! 🙂

  8. What type of deaths are in this pack? Not to be sadistic but I'm really curious.

  9. Ah, old main screen. I miss it so much. Those were simpler times

  10. bought it as soon as you said it adds bug collecting

  11. wow theres actually a place in my state called granite falls

  12. "if this is a success then i can imagine 50 more of these things coming" YOU DOOMED US

  13. 20000 crowns for a pack? Thats ludacris

  14. Are the new items available in other worlds like Willow Creek as well? i would like to place it in the backyard of my sims lot

  15. Has anyone used this in the last 3 years or is it just me?

  16. Be sure to read honest and real reviews of Outdoor Visit on my blog before you buy. Go to gohonestreviews. com/outdoor-visit-review/ Thanks, Oran.

  17. Awesome review. Definitely subscribing. Please keep it up mate, you're the best one there is for this stuff.

  18. still waiting for university life…

  19. In this video, LGR had his sanity. Now, looking at the last stuff pack review, you can clearly see he has lost all of his sanity from EA's bullshit.

  20. Is this pack better than spa day

  21. Wait Sims 4 is 5 years old ?? Omg D:

  22. So I've watched almost all sinful reviews in the past week. It is now 2019 and all of these games and their packs cost exactly the same price today. I am so not interested.

  23. 3 years later and we still don’t have fully decorated / playable towns 🙂

  24. I’m going to buy a sims dlc, but have no idea which one! Please help need suggestions ?

  25. Well so much for ditching the stuff packs huh

  26. Such a beautiful song that guitarist sang lol. I'm really enjoying The Sims 4 Seasons on PS4. and i Think this will be my next expansion once i get the money to spend on it. But I don't like how these expansions, and packs are so much money for jsut a few items that we'll actually use.. They really need to cut these non-expansions down to like $10 and under. More people will buy them. Would be nice if you could actually have your Sims LIVE in a camp site rather than just only vacation. ALso Thank you for making this video Very much appreciate giving us detail about the pack before we buy!

  27. Still waiting on slasher flick serial killer DLC

  28. Bonding and building character? Hmm…sounds like Calvin and Hobbes to me!

  29. My Sims lean a bit granola and this is my favorite game pack so far. I don't have tons of these but it's Cyber Monday and I'm looking at a few of these reviews including the ones I have apparently. Wee!

  30. Little did he know there would be too many stuff packs and not enough game packs

  31. every time a see a video from before 2016 it’s just instantly like oh. 2015. i miss it, can i go back please?

  32. I'm going through all LGRs Sims 4 reviews again (I've done it so many times with the sims 3 and I love them all) and you can just sense his enthusiasm going more and more downhill after this video up to seasons. It accurately mirrors my emotions to the sims after scam after scam.

  33. I want them to make a expansion pack called “Vacations” now that they have Sims 4 Seasons. Put beaches in their and winter wonderland & stuff.

  34. Love seat was the worst couch in sims 3

  35. back when his reviews weren't S A L T Y af

  36. Can toddlers use the tents?

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