Innate Mentor Storage Sacs – Camping Gear TV Episode 137

In this episode, we review Innate’s Mentor Storage Sacs. The best way to sum up these dry bags? Super lightweight. Made with sustainability in mind, they also have a cool air flow valve that makes them very easy to compress while keeping all of your stuff dry. Check out the review, and be…


  1. For a little bit there, I thought Ben was going to break out the kilts and cut down on a couple of stanzas of "Loch Lomond". Wow!
    You guys have really missed your calling… I mean, almost every episode finds you guys delving into the music field. But that's good! Variety is the spice of life (or something to that effect). Actually, I think "Tabasco" is the spice of life, but somebody famous said it the other way.
    Anyway, I just stopped by to check out the neat gear. Chow!

  2. Really like those bags, nice review. I just saw the new Little Fockers movie with Robert Denier and that other guy, Ben Still.

  3. These might be a fine replacement to the trash compactor bags I currently, and almost exclusively use. I especially like the window, it could be helpful in reminding me to wash my filthy hobo clothes when I get to the next town. Hope you get that plumbing problem worked out.

  4. I couldn't stop laughing about the hairy tub through the entire review! I had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so hard at Ben's response and facial expressions when he was accused of having a hairy tub LMAO!!!
    One of the best products ya'll have reviewed. Outstanding design. Definitely "the best a man can get."
    The hairdo is going to take some getting used to but looks good.

  5. wow look at all the unrelated suggestions —–> right there.
    You think there would be more campinggeartv over ———> yonder.

  6. whats the the paper with water bottle writen on it on the wall

  7. great vid guys u guys alway make good vids

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