1. I'd like to know if you did a review of/made that cabinet behind you. I like it and would like to make one for my garage.

  2. What’s the name of the other grill you showed?

  3. If i was blind? And could only hear the video? I’d think this review was being done by Danny Mcbride! Lol.

    Same voice bro.

    I have the smaller grilliput. Not the greatest. Has it’s limitations. But this seems a little better. I think I might pull the trigger on it.

  4. It was a grate purchase! Ha ha!

  5. I just got one of these things and came here to see how it went together……. quick tips….

    I ended up hooking the red leg wires the 10th notch down on the legs…then inserted them only to the 1st notch of the 2 cross grill wire holders…. I attached the grill surface cross wires ends first and had to 'rock' and force the holders to make the legs as upright as the instructions that came with it showed and allow the grill surface wires to only be bowed slightly up
    this slightly bent the holes the legs go into, but only slightly, and likely won't need to be done again

  6. Looks like a reliable and efficient grill to take out fishing or camping. Perfect for Kayaking. Thanks for sharing!

  7. great video Trip! After watching you cook the blue crab on that grill, I was hoping you'd do a review on it. Say, what would be the weight limit on that grill? I'm thinking about getting one and taking it backpacking up in Mt St Helens. do you think you would take the weight of a couple half chickens and a pot of apple crisp? as always my friend God bless.

  8. Thanks Bud! You need to spear fish! It's cheap, and you can always spear fish while snorkling!

  9. What the hell?? No Walmart mention??

  10. How often do you put up videos? Your videos are so much fun to watch! -Jon

  11. No doubt that's a cool grill and perfect for a kayak or a backpack. You can even shisk-ka-bob something.

  12. Nice video man!! I sure do enjoy your personality in your videos you are hilarious. Before I go tho I want to acknowledge something that has been bothering me. In your last couple kayak camping vids I have noticed that you don't take a lot of time when clearing the leaves/brush around the ground you are building your fire. It makes me CRINGE… Not trying to tell you what to do but that beach grass down around Fort walton and gulf shores will go up in flames before you know it man

  13. awesome vide πŸ˜€



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