Flat Packable Ultralight Backpacking Bowl – Fozzils Bowlz Review

A review and my thoughts on the Fozzils flat packable bowl for ultralight backpacking & camping.

Fozzils Bowlz are a unique and lightweight backpacking and camping bowl that packs down flat, but quickly converts into and bowl and 16 oz measuring cup using four simple…


  1. They also make great fans for camp fires or yourself. With that slightly curved shape and rigidity they move a lot of air (opened of course lol).

  2. Can you put hot water inside them? Like when drinking coffee?

  3. I looked at them, and the material and concept seem nice. But there ARE lots of grooves and stuff, the snaps and the folds, to make lots more cleanup. I still like heavy-weight disposable plastic plates, or a thin piepan. Light, cheap, can't go flat but much easier to clean. Piepan doubles as a skillet, too. Nice that they can stow glat though!

  4. Saw these at my local outdoor store. Almost got them but don't NEED them. I'll most likely get them eventually. Easy to clean and package was the first thing that came to mind when I saw them. Great review!

  5. I Got these i a 3 pack – small cup, The one like you, and a plate. 12$. Use The small cup for coffee ect. The middle one for My dog and The plate for cutting bord and My dish. Love em.

  6. How are those Fozzils Cups/Bowls holding up for you? I'm apprehensive of buying some, they look like they will get pin holes and leak pretty quickly.

  7. went to go order some, out of stock. however I did order a winter sock. can't get here fast enough

  8. Where's the new winter video,it's 6:01 ? 😉

  9. Haven't seen you around for a while sad and im subscribed to your Channel

  10. Been using these for about a couple of years …I have the 3 pack bought em at Academy for about
    $10-15 bucks The best part is I throw them together with the knife , spoon and fork in a large zip lock bag and as you say extremely easy to fit in backpack and clean. Thanks for the review .

  11. Excellent. Added to my amazon cart. Thanks for posting S77

  12. These are great if you have any dogs, easy dog bowl for water for them and unclips back into your backpack flat! Mine are probably 3-4 years old and look mint!

  13. hey bro, Gregg again! when do you plan on taking your next trip?

  14. these are great, been using mine for quite awhile. I use them as a bowl or a plate. I haven't had them rip through at folds or anything and snaps are still working fine. I pack mine right next to my water bladder, gives it a little extra protection. I've had them get pretty chrunched and twisted but they still bounce back to their original shape and work fine.

  15. Diggin the beard.. Kinda look like Kevin Rose lol

  16. Nice review. I have been looking at these.
    Food. I started a thread a FB group, Hammock Camping about grocery store camping and backpacking food. The response was filed with great ideas. There are a lot of different items requiring adding water and heating.

  17. Noticed I think you snapped it inside out the silicone side appears to be there outside based on there side out ! Printing great video

  18. Noticed I think you snapped it inside out the silicone side apears to be there outside based on there side out ! Printing

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