DON'T BUY – Military Tent Failure! – Dutch Special Forces 2 Man Tent

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I know how much you all love military surplus so why wait until Wednesday right? Today Luke has his hands on the Dutch Special Forces Tent and is going to see how well it handles a Thunderstorm!

…there will be problems!



  1. For the money, I would invest in a different tent.
    Moving on the next military surplus item. – Luke

  2. If I got one cheaply, this would be great for the kids to use in the back lot.

  3. This guy comes over as I know it all , over confident America , by reading the comments he has got it wrong .

  4. Definitely too heavy to carry around on bushcraft or hiking trips, but I will be purchasing this for motorcycle and car camping. In Europe you‘ll het this tent for $45. I‘ll also take a tarp to pitch in front of it, that will give you a lot of space for cooking and relaxing. But again, this is only possible when you don‘t have to carry it on your back!

    Thanks for the review!

  5. Put your bloody poncho over it!.

  6. That's to bad. Its a neat looking tent. I hate bugs. And I don't like being wet.

  7. I have two of these tents and added flaps to the zips on the one to close up the holes in the middle and corners, coated it with fabsil gold and it's as dry as a bone, the other tent is a project, adding a vestibule zipped into one side for cooking during rain, if it works will make a copy of the tent with vestibules sewn in both sides with ripstop fabric

  8. €30 here in the netherlands that’s about $40

  9. I use this tent all the time. You need to use Fabsil gold to reproof the tent. I was in a 13hr torrential down storm in Scotland and woke up to a small river running under the tent. The bathtub base didn’t let a drop in but I had some water ingress from the holes. Easily sorted with a towel. The river level raised to our tents and it was a nightmare but the tent allowed me to sleep all night with no issues.

  10. the upper fabric soaked up wayyyyy to much water…it would be miserable in the the cool to cold months ,so its not a good tent in any condition lol

  11. You are looking in good shape Luke. Reminds me to workout more.

  12. Modification strips need gluing and sewing over holes. Is the material better to keep sun and UV light out in dessert? Wow so heavy seems impractical for what it gives. cant even carry half each.

  13. Im from the east coast, and sand is perfectly clean, nothing to worry about! I actually like getting things sandy lol

  14. Too heavy for backpacking so might as well get something a little bigger, cooler, and waterproof.

  15. It seems like you have problems with all these tents- you could try to set it up as tight as as you can!

  16. Why does ignorance so often look identical to arrogance?

  17. ROFLMAO@ all the bad comments about the tent.

    1. Its NOT Special forces at all..Its Dutch army bog standard..
    2. The tent by its appearance isn't well looked after. SOMETHING YOU should have noticed right away.
    3. You erected the tent wrongly. Then whined it wasn't any good.
    4. You completely missed and got wrong what parts were on the tent. Then whined when it didn't work.
    5. You assumed the tent was waterproof without doing any research. A mistake that can get you killed or injured.
    6. No research on the tent and its maintenance. And whined it wasn't water proof.
    7. You failed to check what you were sold. Again a mistake that could have been costly.
    8. If you had done any research you would have known that the tent needed to be reproofed each year. But you assumed. Again costly.

    Next time before making a video about something you clearly didn't research or check out. don't..Do the research, ask questions, ask again and then see what difference it makes…

  18. So basically you previewed a tent that is out of date. Is NOT used by the Dutch SF, You set the tent up wrong, give the wrong information about the tent. And fail to understand what the tent is actually for and for who and where…Way to go!..Note sarcasm!

  19. Look at all that sand! You should send it to Anakin Skywalker as a gag gift.

  20. i really like the construction and design of this tent. but since it is only for one person, it is so heavy, soon 2 kg heavier than the usual army tents and just not really waterproof, rather useless. pity, I would have preferred to the French. I just like that very much.

  21. This tent is a bit like marmite… You either love it or hate it.

  22. i have the desert storm always waterproof…… 🙂 good coating makes wonders

  23. Also, find out the proper way to erect this tent before you complain about it. I doubt that the Dutch make crap for their troops.

  24. You get what you pay for. $90 isn't much to pay for a well made milsurp tent. Besides, you are buying USED, not new. There will be rips, holes, busted zippers that will need to be mended, missing parts to replace. Buy cheap, be prepared to fix.

  25. $90.00. Wow . Way over priced you could get these for $10 to 15.00. A basha over the top would help. Go get a land rover tent. Or a cook tent. . Best way is to design one cut it out and then get it sewn up. Eny tent repair place of upholstery shop should beable to. Shame my grand mother was not still alive she used to make tents and flags for the military. Way back 1ww. 2ww. To 1984. She made all my cloths as a kid. Made to measure. Designer cloths. Grandmother designs. The cotton used to sew the buttons on was unbreakable heavy duty. Impossible to break with your hands. Stronger then unholstery slipping twine. To hand sew the out backs up.

  26. The idea well it gives ideas to make your own. With improvments.

  27. Dude u r one of the best Gear Review youtuber ever. Love ur clips 👍 greetings from Germany

  28. I've seen friends of mine who bought these having to fix all the holes with patches and STORMSURE glue. That cured the water ingress at the corners. Plus multiple coats of FABSIL Gold sprayed all over the outside to ensure its got a good waterproof coating.. A lot of work just to make a tent waterproof. Plus their heavy, not something to carry on 2 or 3 day hikes.. Nice design and set-up but it stops there..

  29. Why would you buy a military tent if your not in the military?!

  30. Great video I’m looking for a tent for the summer I have to small children so possibly would need a 2 person tent that is easy to assemble and could be used with a wood stove and possibly a liner in so we don’t get wet could you help

  31. This is NOT a Dutch special forces tent, it is a regular Dutch army tent….>>>>> we use a igloo tent in the Dutch special forces.

  32. a 4 lb Big Agnes beats this all to HELL. You can HAVE that extra 11 lbs to lug around. I'd rather have that weight, if i have to carry it at ALL, as food and water. Sure, I'd have to pay an "extra" $300 for the Agnes, but I dont use one anyway. I use much lighter stuff that I made myself. Any experienced hiker HATES every cubic inch and every oz.

  33. FIFTEEN effing lbs? eff that bs.

  34. Oooh, scared of bugs 😂😂😂

  35. Mines never leaked, great bit of kit.

  36. it helps if you put it up propperly

  37. The holes are intentional. They allow mice to get into your tent without eating holes in it. Seriously, regular outdoor gear is far superior. We all know it.

  38. I love overweight poorly designed gear.

  39. I agree with your assessment

  40. Who reviews a tents waterproof abilities without being inside it you fairy.

  41. From all the comments from people who know and have used this tent, your review isn't worth a pinch of shit. You should find something to post that you know something about as you seem to know nothing about tents.

  42. Texsport Camo tent. $30 on amazon.

  43. It aint special forces and only a 1 man tent.

  44. Weight doesn’t matter when your driving your cut v everywhere… yes I bought this tent and the kids love it. 20*20 bug mes thrown over top, then a lightweight snug pack rain fly, and your good to go. If I walk, which I do, my ionosphere is light enough….

  45. i'm fascinated by your arachnaphobia.
    how many do you think you've swallowed over the years when you were out camping???

  46. what would be a good 2 person tent?

  47. Mil-Spec measure with micrometer mark with chalk cut with axe

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