Cheap Gear Challenge #1 – Overnight Adventure – There Will Be Problems

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This is the first episode of the Cheap Gear Challenge!
This is an overnight adventure which features a strong focus on budget gear…

there will be failures….

Enjoy! More adventures on the way.

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  1. So what should we test out next? Comment down below and I will try to make it happen. – Luke

  2. YES! OK YES I WAS LOOKING! I COULDNT STOP LOOKING! its like being yelled at by my boss when he has a piece of salad leaf in his front teeth. its damned distracting!

  3. Luke what did you think of the hatchet never heard you say anything about what the hatchet really thought it was a good one.

  4. Have you ever had one of those stoves explode?

  5. One inexpensive tent i've used is a chinese branded "Flytop" tent (4 season, sewing isn't great but decent), haven't had the chance to try it in heavy rain but probably would hold up. It's sold by several sellers on Amazon and Ebay. I have a green one, in 2017 they had a camo version but haven't seen it since being sold anywhere.

  6. This has been an awesome video and full of great information…much Thanks!

  7. Turn the swimming pool tent into a water slider for the kids. Cut the end bottom part off, elevate the top throw some dishwashing liquid in it, turn the hose on and the kids will have a ball sliding down it ( in summer of course) ?

  8. Mate at the end of the day you get what you pay for. With that said you still need to do your research, because there can still be expensive crap out there. I personally invest in good well tested quality gear. From my knives through to my shelter. You are totally right though, most of that stuff is huge. Could never backpack with that kit.

  9. I have a bunch of knives but always end up taking my Morakniv when I camp or do Bushcraft. I just love it and it's a bright color so easy to find if I set it down and forget to pick it up. For the price they are amazing knives. I do have an Ozark trail tent I won from a raffle and tried it twice once in the rain I guess I got lucky because it never leaked, maybe because it is newer and they fixed the issue not sure

  10. give that bivy tent to the person who threw that stink bomb!

  11. Luke the Ozark tent needs to be set on fire: )) and then have the family roast marshmallows over it.

  12. I had the same rifle. 120 for the rifle and a 4x scope. Tack driver at 50yds. I took plenty of squirrel with it. Definitely my go to small game rifle

  13. So you don't like that cheap Walmart crap huh?

  14. Another great video, my over nighters are coming soon. I need to let this Georgia heat come down some. My copd would kill me in 100 degree weather. And I have a question, Would the ozark be better being sprayed with water proofing spray? I like the style of it.

  15. forget having a floor in a tent. Waterproof spray the Ozark tent, tape the seams, and stake out a tarp over it. adds $20, at most and a bit more hassle to set it up, but saves you $135. Put another chunk of tarp down, under your sleeping pad, to keep the mud off of your gear. This sort of crud is why I favor hammocks.

  16. when I lived in a van for 3 years, in ok, I used 3 couch cushions as my sleeping pad. I sewed them together in such a way that i can fold them up. I used one Walmart /coleman sleeping bag inside of another, with another such sleeping bag under me and one over me and still needed down booties, long johns, beanie, gloves, neck gaiter, to handle 0F.

  17. $180 is LOT of money for a pos bag.

  18. Respect…true words ,, good vid.. I Love my Rem 870 supermag , i hit the whole target with it..mohaha

  19. I get SOME Ozark stuff, usually non-essential (tumblers etc.) stuff

  20. For truck camping, I line my tent floor with the 'puzzle' shop/play floor, then use a sleeping mat on top of that.

  21. Here is a thought, try testing gear from Bass Pro Shop & or Cabalas. just a thought.

  22. When I was in Forestry college, we had a Summer camp and I split a lot of wood to heat our cabin. I had a felling ax which I kept super sharp, and a splitting ax which was left dull. To split properly, we aimed with the ax head at a 30 degree angle from vertical pointed toward the outside edge and we worked from the outside of the block in. Hitting vertical just buries your ax instead of splitting. You should test a splitting ax. Hatchets are for Boy Scouts.

  23. I would like to see you test eBay cheap flashlights, 18650 and 14500, head lamps,18650 and 3 AAA tent lamps, and tandem 18650 searchlights/floodlights, belt holsters, and Li-ion rechargeable batteries. I've found some amazing values as well as some clunkers.

  24. Hey man good job. The wood you are burning is cedar.

  25. I wasnt looking at your beard honest, well what can i say, camping with guns, fire, and a good storey. that is exactly what i do, i love to tell a storey on my vids if you ever get the chance or the time listen to this one FWto 51:11 respect to your hard working dad.

  26. Good shooting!
    Great Attitude!
    Thank You!

  27. Leave it pitched. Let it rot in place

  28. $177 for a tent isn't cheap. There are damn nice lightweight options out there around $100

  29. Ya I'm looking! Lol you pointed it out!?

  30. Don't know how much you used the stove over the past year and a half, but we got that stove probably around the same time, maybe a bit before and it's still rocking. It is really the only stove I bring with me now, saves weight for sure. I really love the stove and highly recommend it.

  31. Ozark swimming pool tent? ROTFLMFAO! ?? No doubt about it, it is DEFINITELY a fair weather tent. For harsh conditions, oh yeah, you’re pretty much screwed.
    As always, another great video. By the way, you’re a damn fine shot partner. Damn good shooting for sure. As for the rifle not ejecting the empties, that’s most likely the ammunition itself. Rimfire ammunition is notorious for that in bolt action and semi-auto rifles. Same with semi-auto pistols in that caliber. I’m a gunsmith and I’ve shot lots of different calibers over the years and 22 rimfire cartridges can be and usually are a problem in that regard.
    God speed

  32. When using the steel or aluminum cup with a hot drink have a strip of tape such as duct tape so you don't burn your gob when drinking hot liquids.

  33. I'm sorry Luke but inflating the sleeping pad was the funniest thing I've seen all day it just looked wrong mate.

  34. Try spraying with silicone spray!!! This works for me, and it dose help to keep out some of the water.

  35. Liked the video. Give the tent away and keep the rifle, haha. Catch you later.

  36. Yes, …action cam much appreciated at 6:57

  37. I use a 1/4 lb, $20, SOL 2 person Emergency bivvy, altered with a full length zipper and a 1/2 lb 3×8 ft bag made out of absorbent painter's drop cloth. $10 for a package that will make two such bags, I added a full length zipper to it, also, so I can wear both bags as a poncho.i also carry a couple of 1/4 lb each, 3×8 ft bugnet bags, a lb of gillnet-hammock, 1/4 lb of stakes and cordage. 1/4 lb of UCO candle lantern (beeswax ONLY) and 3/4 lb of trekking poles. 3.5 lbs. The "extra" clothing (beyond office wear) is a pair of Russian winter 50/50 wool and cotton foot wraps, one pair of wool socks (worn only for sleeping) gloves, glove liners, longjohns, a balaclava, a jungle hat. 2 lbs. With this setup I can sleep at 30F degrees without a fire, no problem, I can handle 20F too, albeit without any sleep, with calisthenics, with the UCO, with rocks/water discretely heated by a Dakotar fire pit, or with debris, dried out with my body heat and the UCO, or the sun/greenhouse effect, thru the 18" "window" of clear PEVA shower curtain, around the zipper of the dropcloth bag. If I add the hot rocks/water to the debris, I can handle 10F. If it's colder, nobody's going to be bothering me about having a Siberian fire lay's one way projected heat. At least, they wont do so at night and I can be GONE at dawn. Given the greenhouse effect of this stuff (used as a Korchanski super shelter) and the normal increase in temps of daylight, -10F at dawn can easily be 30F at 11 am. Given a sleep mask, sedative and earplugs, I can then sleep until 5 pm. That's enough rest if you're not doing much else. If you have to move, in really cold weather, and IF you have night vision, do that moving at night, so that your metabolic heat warms you. Then you wont need a fire when its smoke is easily seen, and you wont be detected as easily, holding still in the daylight, either. Like any experienced backpacker, I HATE every cubic inch and every oz that I have to carry.

  38. Get some Snowpeak Hotlips, the coffee drinkers friend.

  39. The saying , you get what you pay for, is so true, Luke, and you proved it with this video. If one is on a budget plan to save for what you want. Don't settle for "crap"! LOL. It took me a while but I saved for some Savotta gear and it was well worth the wait. This gear will be passed on to my grandson. All of the Walmart stuff was donated to Goodwill or to some homeless folks.

  40. man, setting up the camera for shots while driving is pretty exhausting ???

  41. Awsome… love cheap gear challanges. Keep up the great reviews. Idea for cheap gear challange…. tarp city. Yes, many tarps to contain camp site. Fire, sleep and wind protection from tarps. It's a car/truck camping challange.

  42. Hey Luke, love the video. Just wondering what sweater that is you’re wearing. Thanks

  43. Little late to the episode Luke.
    But hey, the same brs stove on the pct and the at and it's still going strong for 3 years. It rocks

  44. It puts hair on my eyeballs.

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