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We were contacted by a company that wanted us to review their product. It is a camping utensil organizer. We used it for about a week and want to give you a review. We liked it a lot. I found it to be very handy and of good quality.

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  3. love the kit nice review. How cool, Hike Camp gave your channel a shout out so I came over to check it out and the video of yours I chose to watch you all gave Hike Camp a shout out. I Love it.

  4. That is a great little kit! It has more in it than I thought for sure. It folds up in a much better way than how transport my stuff now!

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  7. Great review. Lucky you to get a sponsor to promote their product. Did they also pay you or was the item a gift. Well done anyway.

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  11. i just love your male calls! I love camping so i do male calls all the time with Bob, Ted, Randy, Mo and Bill. It's so much fun.

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  23. I like the product very handy for camping ???

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