Camping Gear ~ HotHands Toe Warmers FAIL ~ Don't Do It

While cruising the aisles of Walmart looking for camping gear, I spotted a super pack of Hot Hands Toe Warmers. I thought to myself, Perfect! So many times when I’m in the woods, especially at night while camping, my feet & toes get cold. These Hot Hands toe Warmers claim on the package that…


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  2. I hate those things one time I was skiing in negative degree weather and I wore them and I had to wear them on top of my toes (I have thick ski sock in between the heaters and my skin) and I got burn blisters!!!!

  3. 55F. It's-14 outside. never had a pair of hot hands work yet in real cold.

  4. Had me dying when he was spying on his neighbors


  6. Funny. I use these and they got extremely hot almost burning my feet. Maybe the ones you got were defective. But I do agree with you on the eight hours of heat claim. The ones I use only lasted me three hours.

  7. Dude you like to talk Shit

  8. I contacted factory when these only last 3 hours. I was first that had complained….right. They had me send the rest of box and only replaced the 13 unused and not the others. The replaced ones were just as bad. Their other products work much longer.

  9. Thanks for the review. Much easier to sleep with an electric heating pad under your feet if you need more warmth at night.

  10. Dec 2018. Picked up a pack of hot hands "super warmer" large size. Stuck one in each of my loose fitting crocs, the ones with the holes all around, up near the toe area. Been down in the 20'sF. Walking the dog. about a mile. My feet got almost too hot, as they were still hot when I went to bed I had left it between the covers and then rolled on it when I was getting up and it made me jump it was so hot. Seriously. Also, I have found that if I want to save a partially used one for the next day I can put it in a plastic bag, get most of the extra air out of the bag and twist the end shut depriving it of oxygen and then use the rest the next day.

  11. Scott Taylor joke😂🤣 classic

  12. Hot Hands brand aren't worth the money. They don't work for me, and I'm stuck with a boxfull.

  13. I just got some. and they don't last more than 3 hours

  14. I only use the body warmers, and I live in MI now. Were they expired? Never had a problem… Other than that it seems like forever for them to work (broken down at -24°F for 3 hours) lol

  15. I love these things… They work great

  16. Hey Steve just picking but you didn't follow what you read silly guy! you have to pull them out of the pkg and let them air for 15 – 30 minutes my friend! then peel and place on your sock, Maybe Chris needs to help you lmbo you are a trip dude and I use them every hunting season and they really do work!!! Peace brother!!!

  17. These things arnt made to set your feet on fire when its still 50 plus outside, there designed to produce moderate heat in freezing conditions, im in the british army and we spend weeks in the field when its below freezing and when u put some of these on ya toes when you haven't felt them in a week its the best feeling ever, why don't you try testing them for what there made for, go outside when its below 0 degrees stand there until you cant feel your feet then put em on, if they warm your toes up for a few hours then they work simple

  18. You have to open and leave them exposed to oxygen for about 30 minutes

  19. Dude i love you already and this my first vid lol……. #dontbestarenatmyjunk……

  20. I tried these twice failed both times. I let sit for 15 mins before sticking them but even then barely any heat. But as soon as I got off work and reintroduced them to fresh air after removing my boots they heated up to the 97°. These things blow

  21. My feet freeeeze! I hate it. The best way to condition your feet for the cold. Go out in the snow bare foot, and walk around for about a minute. Go back inside, and let them warm back up slowly, or you will be in some pain . LOL , but I'll tell you what, your feet will be able to stand colder temperatures.

  22. Something is better than nothing. I bet the colder it is, the happier you’d be with them. Try them now.

  23. I use them and never shake them. I have naturally cold feet year round and never have a problem with them. I don't wear shoes. I just put them on the bottom of my socks and there you go!

  24. You never shook them up to activate before sticking to your sock.

  25. The Sticky Part Is Not Suppose To Touch Your Feet, Its Suppose To Touch The Boot So You Can Feel The Heat From The Other Side. I Use These All The Time They Work Great For A Good Hour Then Thats It

  26. Trying to warm a can of soup with body warmers…not even getting warm and I opened them an hour ago FAIL!!!

  27. Since it’s still 75-80 degrees here in CA I’m staying warm enough. Love your nosy neighbor better than ADT! 🌞✌🏼

  28. This really burns me up Steve. It's a very heated subject. Another Trigger…..

  29. i wonder if you would notice the heat more when it gets down closer to freezing.

  30. I bet you are Walmart's all time best customer lol. I have tried the hot hands hand warmers in the past and didn't care for them either.

  31. Interesting, I have used the hand warmers before and they seemed to work great.

  32. never tried them , probably will not now . thanks.        my neighbor does the same ever time i charge the cameras

  33. I tried them this weekend. Agree; Total fail!
    I'm just going to invest in a good pair of heated foot pads or socks.
    I'm tired of experimenting.

  34. So Stealthy. Thanks for turning. Bummer they didn't work, the hand warmers are freaking awesome, they last forever.

  35. Thanks for the heads-up Steve. And the courtesy turn. lol

  36. Ha, the neighbor stalking, Scott Taylor mention and man spreading in front of the camera was well worth it. 😂

  37. you have to shake the toe warmers for them to work right.

  38. No way… you didn’t say my name with ultra thin!!!!! Lol. Last time I used ultra thins…. well… we want go there. Lol. Nobody is going to stare at your junk… you’re not wearing ultra thins. Hahahahhha. Lol.
    Our Walmart had some full body warmers. They were bigger and said they stick to the surface where you put them. This may be good to put in an under quilt. I may have to check them out.
    Just use the hand warmers. I may opt out on trying the body warmers.
    Sorry. Video is over and I have to rewind to hear about those ultra thins again. Lol

  39. WOW..I am so sad. I was hoping these guys would really work. Try the Zippo thingies next please!

  40. I wonder if there is a "Use BY" date on the packaging. 🤔

  41. Nice one 👍 I use the hand warmers and there good .can't beat a nosey neighbour

  42. I have used those for hunting and they heat of fairly well when you are walking around and getting airflow through your boot. I’ve found they also work better if you let them sit out for 10 mins or so before you use them.

  43. That Lawnmower neighbor…LMMFAO !!!!

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