Camping (Fail) with a Walmart Yurt (Read the Description Box)

This is Not a Review. This Video is an attempt at Tent Camping With a Walmart Yurt. No It did Not Leak and yes I show you some Bushcraft skills that you can use to repair and improve the Yurt/Tent


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  2. Love the videos man. One thing i wasnt super clear on, were you good to go?

  3. I don't if you are still using the ENO Atlas straps but check out the War Bonnet hammocks, not just the hammocks but their accessories from them. I started off using the Atlas straps as well but switched to War Bonnets whoopie slings. Worth taking a look at, they are a much lighter system.

  4. As always a great video by a wonderful, no nonsense instructor. Love all your videos!!

  5. Got a question. Have you had any integrity or quality issues with ENO hammocks? I wanna get a decent hammock and was looking at Hennessy or Grand Trunk but I do see that in your videos you have used ENO products. Any thoughts? Thanks man

  6. This really had nothing to do with the yurt.

  7. I looked at them as an alternative to my 5 man arctic tent. I came close. Just didn't see much of a review. You did a better job about it. Just needed more time in the bush with it. Ah Ha Ha Ha… Look forward in your update!!

  8. Cool video! Love the Walmart Yurt and the knots demonstration. For the old, forgotten ways:

  9. I'm gonna hafta up my knot-tying game; it looks like The Corporal is better at it than this former Navy man.

  10. You can have the hammock I will use a tent, they are way more comfortable.

  11. Love all your info. I have camped all my life, all over the US . One summer we camped all the way from Montana to Alabama, hauling 2 horses. It was great. Took 3 months. The only question I have is about your hammock, which I love, by the way. Can the mosquitoes bite through the material on that hammock? In Florida, I've had mosquitoes bite through my cotton hammock on my heinie. NOT FUN!. On the other hand, nets over a hammock are a little hard to control in the wind. God Bless you.

  12. You ever bring the yurt back out?

  13. Great video…with a hint of Uncle Rico.

  14. The Wallmart Yurt should have been improved using Coors Light boxes and cans.

  15. UP FRONT ! I like you and what you're Bringing Thank you

  16. Heads up!!! Last days warning! JESUS IS COMING! REPENT FROM SIN AND BE READY!

  17. Should have known from the picture, Yurts are for Lesbians.

  18. I would have invited some girls out instead they are better to cuddle with in the tent

  19. I'll take canvas ….. a good canvas tent will last ….. that thing in a 50 mph wind after a good dose of UV rays? No thanks.

  20. Camping and you bring your food why not camp out in your kitchen. Hwhaha

  21. Just like that, that is outstanding. Excellent. Good to go.

  22. Curious how long that floor lasts b4 it leaks or frays. (Cool show. Thanx4sharing)

  23. Lol took the yurt but, nah, did proper camping instead ^^

  24. I usually walk 200 miles to the middle of no where…dig a well for water with my bare hands…hunt and kill any wildlife that is in the area with spears……tear down trees with my bare hands and lite a fire by spontaneous combustion because I'm just so shit hot. That's how a real man "camps"

  25. ex army here. the 2 things i consider excellent pros in the set up are the center table an pole spot in the floor. do 1 person camping. so 1 person set ability is a must. being able to not hold that center pole while trying to do the sides an outside ropes. have set up a gp small. about same size as this yurt. camp project make this kind of table. have watched several of your videos so far have found then all good. thank you.

  26. Thank you for making this video, lots of good info. This may be an ignorant question, but why do you wear two shirts and long pants when it is so hot? I would expect short sleeves or light flyfishing clothes, but they all seemed like heavy cotton. Also, nice music, what is the song/artist for the music at 18:19?

  27. Reminds me of putting up a 10 man artic tent.

  28. I hear that the hammock no higher then your willing to fall

  29. this is a yurt…much like my ass is a potato patch.

  30. Remember to look into the lens of the camera, NOT the video display… that way, it looks more like you're addressing the viewer directly

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