Budget Ultralight Down Jacket Review | Ultralight Gear Reviews | Eddie Bauer Down Jacket

Eddie Bauer Men’s CirrusLite Down Jacket ►

Eddie Bauer Women’s CirrusLite Down Jacket ►

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  2. Nice video,surprised I haven't subbed ya yet,I smashed the sub button and like button both today !!
    The Swiss synthetic downs are on sale now at my walmart for $17 I bought one for $24 a while back and love it,very warm, light and pack able,cant beat the price!!!

    Bump bump!!

  3. congratulations it looks very good fod cold weather

  4. Thanks for the review! That jacket looks to have great functionality while also looking good.

  5. Gah, looks so cold there right now ? perfect jacket!

  6. I also have one like this, which is very light and warm to wear. Please visit Neighbor House to drink coffee.

  7. Thanks for the info. I am always on the lookout for a good jacket. My Under Armor Jacket is junk the zipper failed in less than a year.

  8. So important to have a warm and good quality jacket ??

  9. A great great fantastic video. Really enjoyed watching your video. Hope you have a great Monday. Many thanks from chris ?

  10. The jacket looks amazing.. I travel light and I guess this is must have for those who want to travel light.

  11. that looks like the perfect puffer! Thank you for sharing this great information and the links. The cost is pretty reasonable as well. Looks like good quality.

  12. Looks awesome! Maybe I'll get one. ?

  13. Great price for a jacket! Great review!

  14. Good review. Those are awesome jackets ✌️

  15. You guys do a really great job on this channel! Excellent in-depth review. New here, would def appreciate support in return. Keep up the great work!

  16. Back in the day Eddie Bauer (40+ years ago) was a very popular outdoor equipment supplier that sold highly rated clothing and equipment for it's time. My first backpack (external frame) was an EB made by Jansport and my first down sleeping bag was an EB Kara Koram weighing in at 7.5 pounds. Glad to see the name is making a comeback!

  17. Looks great ?… thank you for sharing!!

  18. Hi I like that jacket. ??Ruth from Norway.

  19. That jacket definitely looks worth it definitely for the price. Good review of the gear brother.

  20. Oh yeah I’ll be picking one up! Nice review. Thanks for taking the time to share!

  21. Looks like a nice jacket! I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing

  22. Looks good bro thanks for video.

  23. sup Snooch…..new sub here…lol…that jacket looks warm and light ….down jackets rock….cheers….G

  24. looks like a good deal to me! thanks for Sharing!

  25. looks pretty nice we need that since its very cold

  26. Yeah $400 and the jacket will not be as warm, plenty of $50 down jackets out there, grant it won’t be as light, roughly 4oz heavier, thanks for sharing

  27. My son bought this from Costco and loves it. Great product for the price. Thanks

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