Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon – ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1 Review

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This is the Best Selling Backpacking Tent on Amazon and here is my review of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 1….
it’s not for everyone….

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  1. This tent is going into storage and will be brought back out later this fall.
    See ya soon Lynx tent!
    – Luke

  2. This tent is worthless in a rain storm.

  3. This was my first backpacking tent. Mine is a little different from this one. Looks like several changes have been made since 2017. I like my version a lot better. On the first night that I used this tent it thunder stormed. I stayed warm, dry and my tent stayed staked down.

    Since then I've reduced my weight by more than half and have double the room inside with a Lanshan 2. The price was very comparable. But for a beginner who is just trying out backpacking I do recommend this tent.

  4. C’mon. You had all that time to script a video and had to lead with … “So,”

  5. Holy crap, this thing IS hot on the inside. Great for fall, but no way I would use this in the summer

  6. up to $95 now on Amazon, but still a great price

  7. I have this tent! It's a really great tent. Yes, I agree with your review. I bought it for all the observations you correctly made. But…

    In warmer weather I only use the rain fly with a tent floor protector, loosing the tent body. Sold as an accessory/add on. Works well. And it's lighter. Wind impact is location specific meaning choice of camp location.

    My first backpacking trip with this tent was a summer trip in Ohio.In a late afternoon thunder storm, soaked before setting up the shelter. Wet, 95% humidity and raining.. The tent was a miss-arable sauna to say the least. Put the tent body in its stuff sack and hid it off trail to grab on the way back out of the woods, using only the floor, poles and rain fly etc.

    After that I just decided to tarp camp or better yet Hammock camp with a tarp. Truly, the only way to hangout in the woods 😉

    The tent still gets used buy others that go hiking and packing with me today. Or when car camping a gear shelter..

    Liked your video.

  8. can you review the alps mountaineering mystique 1or1.5?? thinking of taking it on a trip to costa rica. was considering this lynx as well until you said how bad ventilation is, thank you!

  9. Gonna purchase this tent cuz of your superb review, but damn, “broad shouldered , fairly muscular”, come on…I really needed a good laugh, thank you.

  10. I have this tent and use it for backpacking. I just finished a 5 night trip in Colorado Weminuche wilderness in September. I'm 5'10" around 200 lbs and find it a little narrow, but not a big problem. Condensation is not an issue. I often orient the tent so that its length is pointed in the same direction the wind is coming. It has not been a problem in the wind. There are plenty of loops inside to create a clothes line for damp clothes to dry. I have not used this tent in the summer months, but suspect that it could be a bit warm if the tent fly is set up. Zippers unzip with one hand which is important to me when loading/unloading the tent. During rain, the tent (with the ALPs Lynx 1 accessory ground tarp) can be taken down underneath the tent fly so that you can pack your gear under the fly to keep things dry before hitting the trail. In weather (cold 40 degree rain at elevation 12,000 above tree line'), I've spent 15 hours straight in this tent and have been quite comfortable. Plenty of room to store your 5-day gear and break out the stove to make coffee or hot chocolate under the vestibule to help keep warm. Can't beat the price for what you get!

  11. Excellent, thorough review. Definitely not lightweight for one person. Looks like a decent fall/winter tent for below treeline use.

  12. ok you said backpacking tent best selling backpacking tent so stick to category people are asking because of different categories so dont confuse them thanx

  13. What is the tent on 3:48? ^^

  14. would it collapse with a little snow? I took a 2 person ALPS to Rockies and just a little wind topped it over with a sleeping bag inside.

  15. Review quickhiker 3 for 2 person

  16. Im looking for a solo or double tent..Seeing all the positive comments here..I'll definitely be taking a closer look

  17. Do you know what the difference is between the Alps Lynx 1 tent and the Alps Koda 1 tent? They look like the same item.

  18. First backpacking tent I've owned, used it exclusively during winter on many trips to the AT including heavy snow. Still going strong, still love it. Got it for $40 used on eBay. I'm 6'4", my large inflatable fits with room for my pack at the base.

    Used with a 20 degree bag in 10 degree weather and was perfectly cozy all night. Definitely adds weight to the pack but its great as a starter for the price.

    Wind can be a problem but you can usually determine the direction of the wind and align it strategically.

  19. I've had mine for a year and love it

  20. I've been using this tent for years and I love it!

  21. So what do think how tall should it be I have REI quarter it's 3" Tall
    I don't like it

  22. Awesome!  I just bought one on sale for $71.99 🙂 Set it up in the back yard.  Waiting on Winter (Rain here in NC) to test it.

  23. That Alps tent is basically a clone of tents like the Kelty Salida 1P or Late Start 1P and the Marmot Tungsten 1P. They are all simple X-frame domes with 2 aluminum poles. The Kelty and Marmot can be found discounted for around $125. But the Kelty and Marmot offerings have a lot more mesh and a little lighter fabrics for a better overall solution in warm weather.

    I own a Marmot Tungsten 1P and it's not a bad tent at 3 lbs 12 oz. It's not the lightest option but it's relatively cheap and well made. They also make an ultralight version of the Tungsten 1P that is essentially the same design and knocks off about a pound with lighter fabrics but that goes for $270 and isn't usually discounted.

  24. Great solo tent, incredible bang for the buck. Do you have suggestions for a small two person tent? Thanks

  25. I have this tent ,,have this tent for over a year ,,, it’s good but yea it’s pretty heavy I’m going to start using it for car camping when I go with my friend but for backpacking I went ultra light now ,,, for me it worked good but I think the weight was killing me but I’ve had really nice nights in there ,, only once I felt really hot that I just slept on top of my quilt

  26. I took this tent to Joshua Tree and the Grand Canyon in early March. It was extremely windy at Joshua Tree and both places were in the 30's at night. This tent did just fine.

  27. 4 lbs 3 ozs…..who the hell wants to carry that. My 3 person triplex tent weighs 1.3 lbs.

  28. "I have broad shoulders and am fairly muscular"……for an action figure maybe. You should cut those strings off of your sleeves………oh wait….those are your arms. I'm gonna laugh about your comment for a while….thanks!

  29. #1 selling tent on Amazon. Must be pretty crap then!

  30. Don't you take the rain fly off in the summer time when it is not raining, I mean, that's the logical thing to do? it wouldn't hold that much heat, and much more air flow.

  31. Good review. I’ve had my Lynx 1 for 3+ years and used it 50+ times. I got it for around $70 at the time on Amazon. I can say that for my uses (hiking and motorcycle camping ) it’s been flawless for the price. I’m 6’ 250lbs of adventure motorcyclist, so the fit is tight, but not an issue even with essential gear in tent (the non-essentials fit fine in vestibule). I’ve used it in multi-way heavy downpours, sub-freezing, massively gusty (never had a stake blow btw) and hot 100+ weather (not humid though) — the tiny faux windows are lame for visibility, but nice if you have rain cover on to see light level outside. I take the rain cover off in hot dry nights and it’s plenty cool. I did buy the fitted ground cover, which I like. No seam, zipper, or issues to date. Certainly my favorite small tent ever. I bought their Alps Chaos 2 for 2-person, and it does offer better ventilation, but the Lynx is insanely quicker to put up or take down. I use a Klymit V sleeping pad and pillow to make it comfy, but remain lightweight.

  32. I'm so glad I came across your. I'm going on a two-day hike with my son and you made picking this tent much easier for me.

    Any suggestions on hiking backpack. Preferably 3 or 5 day hike. We are scheduled to go south of San Antonio

  33. I just wouldn't buy anything from Amazon as they're horrific to their worker and haven't shown any companion towards the environment?

  34. The tent is hot, leaves the fly on. Okay bro

  35. The gear caddy cost $20 dollars because the labor cost of making it, not the materials… 😛 Being able to answer that question cost me $40,000 to fannie may

  36. Luke, I'm not sure where you got your pricing information but as of today it's $95.96 on amazon. Also, I found a better less expensive one man tent. Don't laugh, but a Wal-Mart/Ozark Trail 1 person backpacking tent. It has more room at base (3' x 7'6"), and much more shoulder room and is 40" high. It only weights 3.4 lbs (less if you replace the steel tent stakes with aluminum ones) and, best of all, only costs $26.98. It's not for hot weather, but camping in the mountains of New Mexico it works great.

  37. I have had the Lynx 1 person tent for two years in Texas. This hot season I am buying a different tent. I love it and it is great for winter but it does not breath at all. One thing I would say about the tent is it can handle wind and rain. I was in a storm 35+ mph. Many tents collapsed with broken poles but no the Lynx. I am keeping it for the colder months for sure!

  38. Not sure if i'm correct or not but i think "free standing" just means it will stand on its own when the poles are in (NO guy lines required for it to stand). But obviously it will need stakes to hold it into place on the ground and not blow away. The guy lines come into play for the rain fly and for additional rigidity. If that makes sense, then this is indeed a free standing tent.

  39. What if you made your own tent? I'm wondering how it would turn out.

  40. As of 15-08-2019 the price is $93 USD! That's good! ($145 NZD).

  41. $93.15 on Amazon today, 8/14/2019.

  42. My marmot 2 person backpacking tent is 4 pounds and Much roomier being 4 feet wide and only a bit more expensive. Good review though, Thanks for your opinion.

  43. A couple things to keep in mind, a couple you already mentioned:
    1) Some of us live in much cooler climates. 3+ season to you is 3 season up here.
    2) having a warm tent means you can carry a much lighter bag. When I travel to a warmer area, I have a very light fleece throw blanket. It's not the lightest tent, but it makes my other equipment lighter…
    3) compared to a high-end tent, the lynx is just ok, but at the entry level price point, people coming from coleman products will notice the increase in amount and quantity of mesh. As well as the quality of the materials in general.
    4)Even with 2 vents on top, and mesh on all 4 walls. You will die if you use this in California or Florida with the fly on.

  44. Hey my name is John Yvonne. I just want to let you know I also like to hike and I love you Channel and I love to watch you all this videos

  45. almost the same as my Midori-2 tent the rain fly is a tiny bit different no it is exactly the same… How do companies do that-?

  46. Looks like a good tent for a PCT through hike. I have the same tent 2 person…

  47. I've got the two person version, and I don't experience the instability he experiences with the one person. The angle of the poles differ, since the width is different.

    I use it when camping with the boy scouts in Washington state, and stay warm in winter months, but I do get hot in summer months at times

  48. Great content my friend….you got me back into camping/backpacking. I went to high school at Oak Hill Academy…not far from where you do a lot of you vids. Can't wait till winter to see you do another snow covered adventure. Keep up the good work bro.?

  49. They sell this same tent at wall mart with a different name for 40 bucks

  50. Who the heck says this is light?

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