Aldi self-inflating camping mat review

How to inflate a self-inflating camping mat purchased from Aldi, 50mm thick when fully inflated.


  1. Il show you how it woks ha ha ha.It wasnt much of a review he didn't even lay on it and say how comfortable it was

  2. So is this more comfortable than a standard foam mat ?

  3. Beware! Ive had two of these fail on overnight hikes. They get holes around the valve area. Don't take 'em hiking.

  4. for anyone looking, this mat is great, especially for the price. only down side is the size and weight, really struggled with a hike and wildcamp

  5. Cheers for that video. Must get one when Aldi have them in next. I have never gone wrong with the tools, especially as they are guaranteed for so long. So, this self inflating kip mat looks like it may well be the next addition to camping my kit.

  6. More importantly how do you get it deflated!!!!!!!!

  7. Aldi as in Aldi grocery? im confused!

  8. the selg inflating pillows also great for long rides in plane or car. open it up & sit on it.

  9. Got two of these from aldi two years ago really good and comfy !!!!!!

  10. So How do you pack it away, open the valve, and roll it up, get as much air out as you can?

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