2013 Ford Flex vs Mazda CX-9: What is the Best Camping Car Mashup Review?

( ) The 2013 Ford Flex and the 2013 Mazda CX-9 are both three row people haulers that are perfect for hauling families and all of their stuff on vacation. But what if you want to go a camping camping? In another fun TFLcar Mashup Review we compare the newest 2013 Ford Flex…


  1. The Flex is a great vehicle, handles the highway so nice on long trips. It's low, wide and stable. Not to mention it's a cool looking vehicle. It's like a retro station wagon. Plus they are locally assembled not an import. You are providing work for Americans and Canadians. : )

  2. Yeah, I would've lost that bet

  3. This is literally the worst packing I’ve seen in a long time…
    I’d rather let my kids toss everything we need in for better results….

  4. Who takes 3 god damn coolers on a road trip?

  5. Flex is bigger and it Ecoboost come over it 365 horsepower

  6. that is a lot of crap not needed

  7. Андрюха красавчег.. только нужно наверное немного попустить этих умников) жги.. они все одно не поймут)

  8. Doesn't matter Ford Flex looks super cool and offers twin turbo very good awd and day to day more practical.

  9. Still, I would prefer the flex. Looks like Nathan got bigger since 2013?

  10. …SO where will all the Family SLEEP……..???….LoL……..

  11. This is comparing a station wagon to an SUV!!?!

  12. thanks guys, this was a very good test/review in my opinion. im thinking of living in a car for a while. and this clears alot of questions without going to the dealership

  13. Really not informative at all.  The Flex and CX9 are pretty different vehicles and the seat configuration they showed for the Flex was impractical.  Seemed more like a commercial for the Mazda and the "tests" were silly.

  14. My parents have one it has a good amount of cargo space

  15. these guys are pretty gunny. I want a flex

  16. I thought the flex would win in the beginning

  17. This seemed rigged against the Ford from the beginning. The Mazda looks like every other SUV (or whatever they're called now) in the market. I don't have either vehicle, although I am considering both for my next purchase. I'm leaning toward the Flex with Eco boost.

  18. The music ruined the video

  19. A 2016 Flex has a very inefficient cargo design for packing some things. The width is only 41 inches until you get over 8 inches off the floor.

  20. To me this flex is a better looking car but the Mazda seems more practical for moving stuff. On a side note when I got my wife her 08 KIA Rondo I was pleasantly surprised out how much cargo room and the storage features they put in such a tiny car.

  21. so you cheated with the Mazda and never showed a fair test. thanks for wasting 10 minutes of my time

  22. They have the same engine.

  23. flex is better then mazda

  24. Yes, if something doesn't fit ask Russian for help 🙂

  25. they're wives can pack better than them, worst packing job

  26. My flex seats fold totally flat and it has massive space. You can sleep in it very comfortably. My year is 2010 so maybe it was different in 13.

  27. both second row seats move back and forth a lot!

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